New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Thanks Patrick. I'm interested in moving to Chiang Mai and planning to scout the place soon.
How can I obtain the rights to live and work there? I'm planning on 3-10 years living there...
Would appreciate any assistance!
Regards, Zoran

Welcome, Zoran!
There are some helpful articles here:
It's a start.

Thanks Ruffian! Much appreciated!

Hi! Im about to embark on a specialist diploma in dyslexia and planning to move to Chiang mai end of this year. i would like to know if there's anyone out there who might br interested in special needs tuition? Thank you!!


I am a young French-Canadian graduate from New-England Conservatory in Boston for violin performance. I want to travel to Bangkok in July and I am looking for teaching experience or any event where I could do a musical presentation, talk about music, my experience, play pieces and songs, and ultimately provide a cultural experience. I can also give violin lessons and teach french or english. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about my resume and videos Hope to hear back from you soon

Bonjour Etienne, bon chance!
I'll be in Chiang Mai next year, maybe we can meet at that time.

Sawatdee kha! Monique here, single Dutch but living in the US. Visited Thailand 4 times since 1991 and would love to live and work there. I have a broad, international background and speak multiple languages. Art Direction, Communications, ISO Quality Management, Project/Product Management, and Marketing are some of my skills and experience. I love the Thai/Buddhist culture. I'm also a photographer and have a keen eye for the "unusual".

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Retired living between Thailand and Viet Nam.
From Australia.

Hi, my name is ann.. Im local bangkokian ...nice to meet you :)

Hi , Tolga from Turkey. 17 years experienced International Sales & Marketing manager. I m currently seeking a job in Thailand.

Hi, I am Rod

After 44 years of working I have decided to live full time in my apartment in Nana and start to wind down a little bit. I do the odd days work that buys a beer or two, but other than that I want to start a new episode in my life. I have been coming to Thailand for 10 years but always for work, so now I want to explore the real Thailand and find out the stuff that doesn't normally fall part of a Tourist's itinerary.

I am married to an Indonesian lady but I only see her about one week a month for various reasons, therefore I have a lot of time when I am alone. I would love to meet new people and make friends.

I have lived in Asia for 25 years although I am English by birth. I am lucky enough to have homes in Hong Kong, Singapore, France and Indonesia as well as here in Bangkok. I love cooking, golf, hiking and drinking good wine (and gin). I do not speak Thai but my English is rather good I hope!!

My career was in Financial Services - banking, insurance and consultancy.

I am a young 61 year old. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 5 years ago, but weigh a tad more now and am not quite as agile!!

I hope that if there are like minded people out there we can get to know each other.



Rod, we might have some things in common like Indonesia and Thailand. Drop me a line and let's see how we go on from there.

You are retired while I'm not as I'm enjoying my work still.


Rod, I would like to talk with you further send me a private E-Mail & I will send you mine.  Patrick

Sure that would be good: ***

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Apologies for adding the link to my photography website and blog, neither of them have any commercial value, so it's not really advertising. They just provide more background information.

Howdy, Rod. Do you mean Nana in BKK?

Entrepreneur from America, just started an employment agency in Bangkok.

Hi, guys. I'm a professional musician from Europe. Just finishing my first solo album. Travelling to Thailand in 3 weeks.......Checking out some indie labels in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Will be my very first time in Asia. Not looking for a job at the moment. Want to move eventually and stay there. Also I'm an ex professional Opera singer and vocal coach. So if anybody needs lessons lemme know, lo  But I have been working for 10 years steady at an Opera house in Europe and then quit to pursue my real dream. I'm a composer, play 3 instruments and write all my lyrics and music so I hope I will find happiness there. I'm going cause of the indie music scene....nothing else really, music is my life and it's all I ever do......If there r any musicians here pm me :) ;)

Hello, I'm a retired Labor Relations Specialist in the transportation industry. I am considering moving out of the US and my heart is saying Thailand (preferably Chiang Mai). I will be visiting Chiang Mai in 2018 to get a better understanding of the culture, food, and the people. Asia has always intrigued me with it's mystical temples, ancient ruins and .
I enjoy traveling, gardening, dancing, photography, and cooking. I look forward to meeting new people, making friends, building life long relationships and possibly, my home  :heart: .

Hi I'm James,

I'm a Phuket local nad I'd love to show you around the town.

Contact me  if you want to hang out.

Thanks a lot.

My name is Nga from Vietnam. I'm happy to join the forum. I like staying in Bangkok or any city of Thailand. I am looking at any job opportunities to move. Thanks. Nga

Hello Everybody,

My name is Jane and I am 66 years old. Over here for three months with a big decision to make at the end of that time - whether to stay out here permanently!! The next chapter of my life. I live in the Rayong area and would love to start making new friends. Having led an incredibly active life, I need to get involved doing something. Hope to hear from you!

Welcome Jane! I hear Rayong is very nice. I've been watching JC's YouTube channel where he's been visiting Rayong lately.

Thank you Ruffian Dick. Rayong is lovely. Very non-touristy  which I think is part of the charm. Possibly hard to meet ex- pats though? I'll find that out no doubt! Sorry. JC? Don't know who you mean.

Hi, To all expats in Ko Samui.  I will start living in Ko Samui on 4 Sep 2017.  Would like to attend any functions or gathering that i can make contact with.  Regards. lampost

Hello , I am Cindy.

I recently moved from South Africa To Chanthaburi Thailand to be able to spend time with my brother.

Here you go:

Hey Ann

Dear all,
I am Kristy from Hong Kong, I love the lifestyle in Bangkok and would like to move to Bangkok and have a long stay there. I can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin. I have been working in pensions and finance field in Hong Kong for 10 years, would like to find a job there as administration/secretary/translator/pension and finance/marketing and communication/hotel and tourism...etc.
Any recommendations are highly appreciated! Thank you!

Dear all,

My name is Joost. I moved to Bangkok in Januari this year for business purposes. I'm currently looking for a frontend and backend developer. Any help or recommendation is appreciated. I already posted the job offer with more details, waiting for approval. Hopefully this is all according the guidelines of this forum. Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to help each other on this website!



Good People, What's it like for an African in Thailand.
Well to be specific, a black one at that?

I am in the middle of making some of my biggest life decisions and I would love to hear from you.


How are you finding it so far

Sociald123 :

Good People, What's it like for an African in Thailand.
Well to be specific, a black one at that?

I am in the middle of making some of my biggest life decisions and I would love to hear from you.


Welcome, Derrick!
I don't see why you shouldn't enjoy Thailand.
I met a guy in Bangkok, we were on the SkyTrain. He was from Chad. Apparently we went to college in China and was working there, and was in Thailand on vacation. He said he was having a great time.


I am very much interested in moving to Bangkok. I am currently going thru a messy divorce. Want a fresh start. I have no idea where to live, what are things I need to do, are US citizens allowed to stay there indefinitely, which area to live in... Too many questions.

I am so glad to come across this group. Hoping to make new friends as I make this transition.

Hello everyone :)
My name is Ksenia, I am from Russia. I just moved from Moscow, currently live in Bangkok.
I like art, music, especially - playing ukulele, and psychology. I can speak Russian, English and Spanish.
As I am new here, I d like to learn more about Thai culture and etc, and also - to have a new friends

Yo I'm in the same situation man. I got divorced last year and now am moving to Bangkok looking for a place there . At the moment I'm the same as you way too many questions and no idea.

Hi there,
I'm presently doing a Reece of Bangkok, looking to move here sometime in the near future.
Glad I found these forums, such a wealth of information and experiences,
Many thanks,

Wadee kup !

Eugene Bob here. Everyone just calls me Bob. I'm from Singapore and currently working in the field of Business Development. Switching to becoming a Financial Advisor.

I am definitely looking at settling down in Thailand in say 3years time with my current girlfriend. I can say my proficiency in the Thai language is quite good as I mostly communicate with my girlfriend and all my Thai friends in Thai.

Looking for some opportunities in Thailand to make it easier for me to move over there eventually. Hit me up if any. Cheers!

Hi. Im Nonot from the Philippines. I am trying to find an internship or training program or any kitchen related work in Thailand.

i want to stay and live in thailand because of the cuisine and culture and the country itself. i just recently decided to finally follow my passion and i really need your help and suggestions. i have a degree in psychology but i am also a certified chef who wants to apply for work in thailand.

maybe you have any suggestions or recommendations me. i would really appreciate it a lot.

thank you so much.

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