New members of the Spain forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hi jerry, as American what do you do to be able to stay in Spain? Are you there already? My husband is American, looking for a job in Spain, seems very difficult.

Hello regnier,
Would you know more about what I need as german(not having lived in the Eu for 11 years) to start out in Spain, insurancewise,etc?
Also since my husband is American he s trying to find an English.teaching job, but how difficult is it for him as non eu citizen? Any info or tips?tx inge

Hello everyone, My name is Brian (Gomez / also Irish) & her's is Sharon (Vera / English -- think of Coronation Street :-)). House on market...some serious interest...hope to be there in the very near future. Rental first before purchase. Retiring :-).  Just wanted to say hello. Looking for inland location....more mountains than sea & definitely not tourist traps. Provinces Malaga, Granada & Alicante spring to mind but are open to all locations. Find this media stuff a bit of a bind! Any suggestions for locations (and rentals) for our first dip in Spain would be most appreciated. Many Thanks

Hello everyone
I am Hélène, 26, from France. I am an environmental engineer and I am currently looking for a job in Catalunia, as I fell in love with the place after one semester and two internships in Girona.

I am joigning the community to have some info on the reality of moving to Spain and to meet people interested on sharing their adventures :-)

Talk to you soon!

well - Joseph is my name
senior citizen, past computer consultant, entrepreneur at present:
social-economic issues such as: safe employment, guaranteed income for services providers, employment generation, consumerism, affordable housing solutions...
investing in spain properties, retiring at the Canary Islands
looking for partners

Good morning
My name is Andrea. I am almost 59 years old a woman who is hoping to be living in Spain by my 60th birthday.
I am in the process of putting my flat on the market here in Porthcawl South Wales UK.
I have lived/was born in England for 29 years and migrated to Wales where I have lived also for 29 years.
I know this is a huge step however I am determined.
I could do with general ideas on areas in the Valencia/Andalusia areas.
I do not want to live on the coast would rather immerse myself in the traditional old school Spanish way of life.
Am trying to learn Spanish and will be relocating with just my two cat's.
Thanks for reading ,;any answers positive or not so positive will help.


Names Andrew. Been living in Spain since around 1998. In a happy relationship with three lovely daughters.
Thought this site would be a good place to meet people and hopefully learn something new! Also might be able to offer some interesting insight into how some things work in the lovely land of Andalucia

Hi Everyone,

My name is Natasha from Glasgow and I recently moved to Alicante. I secured a contract business analyst job at the European Union Office and left the cold and wet weather for a better lifestyle. Who doesn´t love sunshine, tapas, wine, beach walks and a healthy more active lifestyle outdoors! It was a no brainer for me.
I started Spanish classes but after 4 weeks of learning the language only in Spanish with zero translation I found it diffcult to understand the context of things. The class was very full of students all at varying levels so now I am frustrated and no further forward. So any good Spanish classes anyone can recommend or language swap programs I would be keen to know. I have made some friends in the office however looking to grow my network. Nice to meet you all!


Hi everyone, my name is David and I am from York, England. I moved to Spain at the beginning of October and am living in Playa de San Juan, Alicante. I am retired and decided that being retired in Spain with the sunshine and outdoor lifestyle was preferable to grey, wet England. My things, including my exercise bike, have not arrived from England yet & so I have started running again and really enjoy running on the promenade next to the sea. A bit different to running around the streets of York! I did two Spanish language courses at a college in York before coming over but I would welcome the opportunity to continue learning if anyone knows of any courses in this area.

My name is Ieva and I live in Spain, Murcia region. Originally I'm from Latvia, for 5 years lived in UK and now I'm here in the sunny Spain.
For a year we were having holiday type lifestyle. Now I'm looking for some/ any job as I'm getting bored. I am learning Spanish which is my fifth language that I speak.
I want to know more about other peoples' life and work experiences over here in Spain. And, I want to share our experience as we were badly advised in some circumstances.
That's it for now!!!
Have a good day everybody!


Just moved to Santa Pola with my husband and baby...would love to meet other mums in the area.

My baby is 8 months old and I am Irish but just moved over from Scotland.  Really enjoying walking and running along the coast. 

Get in touch if you would like to meet up


Been in Barcelona since 2001 with my dream girl Linzi.
Just celebrated 30 years married this year.
WOW! Blink of an eye.

Spent time also in the South of France between  '04 to '12 spending 6 months in each place.

Two boys both IVF .

Oldest "made" in England born in Tarragona (Joan XIII)  youngest "made" in Dexeus Clinca, Barca born South Of France . Frighteningly multi lingual since very young.

Entrepeneur and property developer .

Going to be interesting to see how it all plays out between here and Madrid .

My name is Tarik but everyone calls me Rick.
We moved to Spain in November last year and I'm living in condado de alhama,very nice place and I speak very little Spanish anyway we moved here because my dad left a lot of property behind in Rabat morocco when he passed away,so that's why we decided to move close to morocco and moving from Arizona was not easy.
I'm an Irish American citizen so it was kind of easy to live in spain.
I'm looking for full time work as a barmen or shuttle driver just to hold me over until I get my inheritance.
                      Thank you
                     Tarik Nouri

Hi everyone,

My friend and I recently graduated the International Business and Languages bachelors' curriculum at the Avans University of Applied Sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. Here, we studied different forms and aspects of marketing, sales, law as well as English, French, German and Spanish. As part of our curriculum, we had to study abroad for a semester and we chose to do that at the UMA university in Málaga. We had a terrific time there. This is why we would like to continue living there, and therefore we are looking for a temporary job in the communication or marketing area. We are available from December until June 2018. Does anyone have any interesting companies, connections or other tips for us? Thank you very much in advance!

Hi all,

Newbie to the forum and website, just wanted to introduce my self.  I am currently living in Ireland and planning on moving to Spain next year, just in the research stage at the moment.  Enjoying and picking up lots of information on the forum and would love to be able to contribute at some point soon.

Hello my name is Luis Berrios,

I am Web Developer in the Seattle area and I am looking to move to Spain to live and work with my family.  I have always loved Spain and in particular I would really love to live in the Basque Country as this is where my ancestors originated from.   I would really like to ask all of you on this forum how feasible is it for my to live/work as a Web Developer in the Basque Country of Spain.   I have also checked and I can obtain dual USA/Spain citizen ship with no issues which allows me to work legally in Spain.   I appreciate your help and look forward to your reply.  Thanks Luis!

Berriosfl :

Hello my name is Luis Berrios,

I am Web Developer in the Seattle area and I am looking to move to Spain to live and work with my family.  I have always loved Spain and in particular I would really love to live in the Basque Country as this is where my ancestors originated from.   I would really like to ask all of you on this forum how feasible is it for my to live/work as a Web Developer in the Basque Country of Spain.   I have also checked and I can obtain dual USA/Spain citizen ship with no issues which allows me to work legally in Spain.   I appreciate your help and look forward to your reply.  Thanks Luis!

Welcome to the foro,
How many languages can you speak?
Here is a guide to the formalities in Setting up a business in Spain. … spain.html
Got no idea on how the business would go because there are so many offering this sort of work plus there are websites that allow a person to drag and drop page components to make a website.

I speak english, spanish and portugese.

Excellent, lets hope they are fluent.
Goo luck with planning your move. Hope to hear from you on the form later.

Am Ayub currently in Nairobi willing to play football

Hello to All,

My name is Bill , a long term, single British Expat who has lived in the Gulf for 31 years and Malaysia for the past 4, now semi-retired and living in Calahonda (Mijas Costa) and loving it. I'm not really in to 'Night Clubs' anymore but do like to socialise and would like to meet mature group of people in the same area or relatively close getting back in Golf, like photography, F1, Gym etc and will probably embark on a Road-Trip to various parts of Spain come the spring.

Hola. My name is Ann. New here. I am currently living in a small town in Galicia but am contemplating on moving to Toulouse next year. I have been here for 5 years now but workis just very hard to find.

Hi. I am a South African looking to move in early 2018 to Catalonia. I am looking at an affordable English school for my 15 year old son. Also planning to open a flower arranging and wedding planning company there. I have worked in marketing and negotiations in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Have 3 children in all, my 2 girls are at university studying through correspondence and looking for part time English teaching posts.We are looking for a house as well with a garden and adequate space for my 2 Golden retrievers and little Maltese to enjoy with us. Scary move but looking forward to a new life for myself and my children. Any advise is welcome and appreciated.

Hello ,

I have a property in Mijas Costa in case you are interested in buying around that area.



I've been looking forward moving to Spain since i was 20 and finally, 1 year ago after seaching for more than 14 month through the internet about property and other confusing me topics, i found a nice blog about where and how i can invest money in spainish properly. It was really hard to believe that after all my searching activities i got this information from the one of the first sites in the internet. Moreover, after reading article that article, i decided to ask for help of this organisation, and in 3 months i did have the detailed information about everything i wanted to know.
Also, i searched the info about all the visa questions and citizenship, then about the surrounding area and i was totally satisfied with chosen variant.
Before that i couldnt believe i can really do somthing like buying in a normal conditions a flat abroad, and even in my dreamy country- Spain.... if you have any questions, ask, cause i went through all these steps, and it was pretty complicated process...but i finally go my flat and satisfied with it)
happy to be helpful in any case!


Hi all. Moving to the Mijas Costa area in 10 days working as a pensions/investment professional. Very much looking forward to it, especially the improvement in the weather. I've been living in the Netherlands for most of the last 27 years and although it's a great country, it does rain a lot! I play a lot of golf so if anyone fancies a hit, I'd be up for it.

Always loved the idea of living in Spain and now it's a reality. Only issue being my Spanish is poor so if anyone has a good tip for classes or a private teacher I'd appreciate it.

See you soon Spain!

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SarahSpain :

Hello, I am Irish and am a primary teacher. I was recently offered a job in Asturias, Gijon as a teacher in a private British school. Wages are 21, 838 per year, about 420 per week. My hours are 9:15a.m. to 16:15P.M. In comparison to Ireland those wages are v low. I know cost of living there is cheaper, but gosh how much cheaper? 420 a week feels like barely enough to feed oneself. Could people tell me there opinions? Any help/information is really appreciated! People who are already living in Spain please only! ; )

During October sharing a flat in Rocafort ( Valencia ) I spent about 200 euros per week ... includes rent and share of utilities, buying the food that I want everyday ( read fussy and like to cook ), also go out to a dance class once per week.
- but nothing else no booze, or tobacco even tho they're well cheap. Hope it helps. D

Hello, My name is Shamim. I live in Canada. I am wondering what Spain is like and would like to learn more about Spain. I would love to visit Spain some day. It is definitely on my bucket list of places to see. I have heard that it is wonderful to retire there. I am pensioner, semi-retired here myself, and doing part-time jobs as and when they come along. I am planning to learn how to speak and write Spanish. It is such a beautiful language.

Hey my name is Belinda and I'm from canada. Seriously thinking of moving to Spain but... need to know what I need to do? I need to find a job there also how does a visa work temp or long term n how do I apply?

Hello everybody!
My name is Lucie, I come from Czech republic. During the summer seasons I have been working as a hotel entertainer - first three seasons in Greece and the last two seasons in Spain (Mallorca, Menorca).
In January I am moving to Granada where I want to find some job, after that in May I'm planning to go back to Menorca. I'll be glad to meet some new people, especially living in Granada.


Hi my name is Jackie I am in my mid fifties and planning to start a new life in Spain. I have been looking a properties to rent in the Torreaveija area in the South.  However, I haven't considered the North of Spain but may be I should. I live in Poole in England and  can get a ferry to Santander from there which would be more convenient if I want to nip back and visit family. Any body no about this area and weather it would be a nice place to settle in and find work.

Any body no about this area and weather it would be a nice place to settle in and find work.

What part of Northern Spain?
How is your Spanish and hat work have you got on your CV?
Weather is certainly variably and unpredictable, just like in the UK. Variable in location and in the time of the year.
Maybe start a new question with specifics of what you want to know?

Hi I'm Carol. I have lived in the Alpujarras for 12 years. We arrived as a family of four, I have managed to misplace all of them, kids are at college, husband MIA and currently divorcing him. I'm a non driver, so pretty isolated, and looking to move as soon as I can afford to, to somewhere more accessible. Looking for folk who would like to try the Alpujarras - small traditional village   - who might like to dog sit for me in return for free rent next year - as I travel home to Dublin to look after my mother. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats who will all need rehoming :( but until then I would like to keep things as they are. Anyone up for it? We could interview each other by Skype I guess. It's been a roller coaster ride since we moved here, but worth it.

Hi Carol, yes yes yes, I love animals and am planning to come over to Spain with a view to starting a new life there in September 2018.  I have been looking for rentals and work but to have both in one would be marvellous.  I have spent many years working in hospitals and care homes but to care for animals would make a lovely change and living in a Spanish village too would be an amazing experience.  I am house trained and very easy going and unlike many I actually enjoy cleaning and ironing and long walks so taking a dog along with me would add to the fun. However, I realise September is a while away but having said that I planned September as rentals are hard to come by over the summer so I could change my plans and come over earlier if your happy to take me on.  Look forward to hearing from you. All the best Jackie x

Hi Julien
Thank you for your welcome
I’m looking for some help and or direction.
My wife and I are moving to the Banalmadena area of Spain at the beginning of February to extend a business opportunity that was launched into the UK last May by a US company called Isagenix and will be launched into Spain in early 2018


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Hi, my name is Andrew I am looking to move to Spain to teach Chemistry with my wife and three kids. I used to work in Spain in 2004 so Spanish is not too bad but obviosuly there are things I have forgotten.

Your best bet is to apply at private schools. If you can get a job offer, you can then get residency. Teaching positions at public schools are filled based on testing, seniority and other factors and I am pretty sure that you have to be a Spanish citizen to apply. It generally takes years of effort to get a permanent position (funcionario).

I live in Alhaurin el Grande at Alhauirn Golf Resort and country Club.
I currently rent with a 11 month contract here from a Estate Agents called Lindale based in Alhaurin el Grande.
It is out in the mountains but only 20 minutes from Fuengirola, 35 from Marbella and 40 to the Airport at Malaga.
Let me know if you would like any further info, happy to help!

Hi guys My name is Jay and I would love some advice on how I would rent a flat in 'non expat land'!! It's my dream to learn the language and become Galician and simply blend in.

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