New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourselves here ľ June to December 2017

Welcome to the forums!!! Do lots of reading honey then ask any questions you have..

Bob  - can you pm me as I am looking for cost effective place for up to 4 to 8 couples in your area if they come for our wedding in August. More details in pm - thanks

Welcome to the forums everyone.

Can we please keep this to welcome and introductions.  Lets move discussions to a thread!

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Greetings!  I am from many places (born and raised in Africa, school in UK), and a US citizen, and have been traveling and exploring the DR for several years as as a travel journalist. I've lived in Santo Domingo and also on the North Coast. I've been to most major areas and stayed for several weeks around the country. Still discovering a ton.  But love it here, and even if I have days when I want to scream, those are few.

So far loving life in Santo Domingo's Colonial Zone after almost 2 years of backs and forths, including stays in Gazcue. But beginning to think I need to get out of the city, and settle more permanently. So am at the very start of looking for an apartment to buy  - just not sure where best location might be - Bavaro (close to the capital), or Puerto Plata (lots of road trips/beaches/inland).  But finally beginning my research to see what I can afford and make it happen in 2018!

Welcome to the forums. Take your time buying honey and make sure its right for you.

Sounds like an interesting life you have had!

Thanks so much, will do! I might post another thread asking for real estate agent referrals  :D
It's been interesting to say the least; never thought I'd end up in the DR. Thanks for the welcome & for this forum!

Welcome to the forum and do take your time before you purchase.  You do have a leg up as you have spent lots of time here already.
We have lived full time on the north coast (between Sosua and Cabarete) for neary12 years and were involved with real estate for the first 6 years or so.  So if I can answer any questions please let me know

Bob K

I remember when Bob K had only lived 9 years on North Coast....where does the time go?! When we joined...we had just spent a last-minute-AI-resort honeymoon in PC...and flying over Samaná...had our interest piqued by the mountains and palm tree jungles, etc. Spent the year communing with the good people on this site...came back with a plan to scope out Cabrera and then a few other places here in DR (first stop in a 5 year plan) and BAM stuck like fly regrets... haven't looked back since...always an adventure...just need to finally move there...

Brodies glad to see you are still enjoying the adventure. And yes the time flies by.

Bob K

Thanks Bob - sounds great, I will! Appreciate your advice. I do love the North Coast, just not sure yet so I'll take my time and decide!

Ok just let me know if I can help

Bob K

Hello Good People

I am new to the website so I just wanted to introduce myself in hopes that you guys will answer my future questions :-) I am a retired U.S. Air Force veteran that will hopefully be living in Sosua in 2019. I've had plans to retire in 10 years then move to Costa Rica or Columbia but after visiting Sosua last month, I figured I could start an early retirement at 44 and live off my military pension since it's just me. Of course, I'd take a job if I could find one in DR or online no matter how much they paid just to have something to do.  My first question is...

I've only experienced Sosua but I have heard great things about Las Terrenas and Samana so what are your favorite cities to live in the Dominican Republic?

For those who didn't speak Spanish before moving to DR, what tools/classes did you use to learn Spanish?

Last question: What's the cheapest and best method to ship clothing, dishes, and small appliances from America (Georgia)?

Any assistance would be appreciated. I can't wait to move to DR.

Bamaboi welcome to the forum.
The areas you mentioned are beautiful as well as the Sosua/Cabarete area.  I would suggest you spend some time exploring various areas before settling on where to live.

There are multiple on line courses as well as taking classes when you are here.  For some it is not hard for others like me it is impossible :)

I would pack your clothes in suitcases and bring them with you.  The rest of the stuff you can get  here and will avoid shipping and taxes.  Much cheaper in the long run doing this way.

There is lots of information on this forum to read. So read, read and read some more anc come back with questions.

Read the section on Residency and think about starting the process early in your adventure.

Bob K

Welcome to the forums!

Again I will ask that we keep this for welcome and introduction PLEASE!

Bob K

Thanks for the info, especially the part about starting the residency process early.  I know I'm going to have a hard time with Spanish myself but learning it will be worth living in DR. Talk to you later. Thanks again...

It doesn't have to be hard. It can be fun &  very worth the 15 to 20 minutes a day. From free to inexpensive you will learn. Everyday Spanish & no having to slave over conjugation etc. Fun & not boring. I have no connection to this site. PM me & I'll send you the address of the program. You will be amazed at the simplicity of it. Learning can be fun.

Again this thread is for introduction and welcome bot for discussion.

Hi everyone,

As a reminder, this thread is for the introduction of the new members. If you have any questions, please feel free to create a new thread on the Dominican Republic forum.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

Thanks Priscilla, you rock!

Hello all! Nice to 'meet' you.  :)

I currently reside in the Dallas TX area, and have accepted a voluntary exit package offer through my employer. I will be leaving my company in Oct 2018, and have begun the process of researching a move out of the country; the top contender at this point is the D.R. (though the Yucatan is also in the running).

I have NOT been to the D.R. before, so I will likely arrange a move there after first placing my stuff in storage here for a time. Then I plan to rent for 2-3 months in each of about three different areas there, to get the lay of the land. After that, I will decide where I want to live for the longer term. Worst case scenario, is I don't like it there, and I can easily relocate back to the states to 'regroup'.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so very much helpful information here; it is greatly appreciated! Excited to read more! I look forward to getting to know you.


Pam welcome to the forum.  Lots of good info here to read and lots of good folks here as well.  It sounds like you have plan.  It is a big country with lots of interesting areas to settle in.  It is not for everyone so taking some time to explore is a great idea.  We have been on the north coast full time for over 11 years now.
Keep us posted and please feel free to ask questions.

Bob K

Hi, my name is Casey! 

I am a 31 year(s) young woman from South Carolina (USA). ☺️
I recently returned from my first trip to the DR for a friend's 30th birthday bash!  Being the person that I am, I had more interest in experiencing life outside of the "Americanized" All-inclusive resort, so...I befriended some of the locals that worked at the resort.  Somehow I talked them into showing me around their city and way of life. *teehee* As expected, I fell in LOVE with the people, the country and what little I saw.  Long story short, I left part of my heart in that country and from day two of my visit, I knew I wanted to live there. 
Upon my return to the states, I have done nothing but research everything I can about where to live, what to do for a job, where to get a job...etc.  Some of the friends I made there are helping me as much as they can, but the language barrier can be a bit of a challenge at times. 
I have since started researching TEFL courses to become certified to teach English.  I am also a Licensed Aesthetician and have worked for various plastic surgeons in my area, however I don't currently work in that field.
1 1/2 years ago I decided to go a completely different route and started working for a General Contractor building houses.  I'm currently studying to take my test to become a Licensed Residential Contractor.  I am also certified as a Yoga Instructor. you can see I have many options, but I'm not really sure that any of these would be very lucrative in the DR, other than maybe teaching English. 

I am very interested in making as many new friends as possible and learning everything I can about their culture!  I'm very hopeful that I can maneuver this move before this time next year!  Any and all help/advice is greatly accepted and appreciated!!

Thank you all for letting me be apart!

Welcome, and definitely read, read, function works great too. And start some thread with new questions. What an exciting time for you...but, be careful.

Thanks Bob! Excited about the move and educating myself on all things Dominican Republic.   :)


Cburd welcome. As Brodies said read and then read some more here on the forums. 
Remember to work here legally you will need your residency and Cedula.  That process needs to start in your home country.  Also understand that wages here are very  low and the average salary will be under $400 a month and most jobs in the $200-300 range. As a no Spanish speaking gringa your chances at jobs in construction here will be slim and none.
When you get serious then come and spend a month or two exploring the various areas and see if the country "fits" you.  It is not for everyone and very difficult for those that come unprepared.

Bob K

Thanks Bob! 

    I'm actually going to be back for a week over Christmas to visit some of the friends I met, and scope out institutions that employ TEFL certified teachers while I'm there!  Hopefully I'll find an area I like best.  Based on some of the research I have done, it looks like Santo Domingo would be my best option.  Any suggestions in that rhelm?


brodies2013 :

Welcome, and definitely read, read, function works great too. And start some thread with new questions. What an exciting time for you...but, be careful.

Just curious.  What exactly are you referring to by, "be careful"?

Hi, Christie and Robert Eli. We are buying an apartment/condo in Sosua. We will visit frequently for a few years until we retire and live there several months a year. My husband, although born in the states, has many family members in the RD.

I am looking for advice on buying furniture and appliances and getting them to Sosua.

We have a realtor in Sosua if that is if interest to you.

I have searched for other threads and most are very old. What am I doing wrong?

Priscilla :

Hi everyone,

As a reminder, this thread is for the introduction of the new members. If you have any questions, please feel free to create a new thread on the Dominican Republic forum.


Priscilla team  :cheers:

On a 8 year plan to decide if and when
Very interested in DR..long way to go

Welcome to the forum. It is always good to have a plan.  Lots of good information here for you to read and then please come back and ask questions you may have.  Have you been to the DR before?  If not do come for a visit. This is a big country with lots of various areas to explore.
We have been here full time on the north coast for nearly 12 years.

Bob K

Thanks Bob,

We have not been but plan to visit 2 or 3 times and do a lot more research than I already have. We are quite interested and are happy to have found some actual expats to ask questions and listen to..thanks again to all.

Read, research and ASK away :)

Bob K

Hello Bob,
I’m new to this forum. Which lawyers do you recommend? We are travelling to DR this spring. If we believe this is a country we wish to read-locate to, can we start the process on this trip? I’ve heard that the process is to be started at home. We’re from Canada. Please advise on process and lawyers. Thanks so much, Wendy

Wendy welcome to t he forum.  I see you found the residency thread.  YES you must start the process at your home country so you could not start the process while you are here.
Planner has given you a good reference.
We, our friends and client use Dolly in Santiago who will hold your hand during the entire process.  Here is her contact info:
Dolly Cabrera
809-307-3337 cell
Good luck.  Where in the DR are you visiting.  We have been on the north coast full time for neslry 12 years.

Bob K

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