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New members of the Costa Rica forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Costa Rica forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Costa Rica if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

PD : The thread New members of the Costa Rica forum, introduce yourselves here – 1st quarter of 2017 continues below!

My husband and I are retired US military and looking to move to Costa Rica. We are interested in learning more about moving and the different locations.

Redokieus :

My husband and I are retired US military and looking to move to Costa Rica. We are interested in learning more about moving and the different locations.

Hola Redokieus,

Welcome to!  Hopefully you can find the information that you're looking for here.

I would suggest that you first peruse through the many post in the Forum section.  You can get a lot of information here.  After that, if there are questions that you still have, feel free to post your specific questions.

The first step is doing what you're doing now.  Obtain as much information about any country that you are considering relocating to.

Just my personal observation from your saying that you are both retired military.  Many ex-military people are a Type A personalities.  And no, I am not saying this as a negative in any way, just how we are all wired differently.  Costa Rica being what it is, can be very difficult for this type of personality.  You have to change for it - it's not going to change for you.   Very difficult to explain, it just has to be experienced to "understand it."  🤓   At the same time, there are Type A people who do live here - including retired military. 

Good luck on your quest! ☀️🌴

- Expat Dave Team Member

Best to come an check it out for an extended vacation, prior to making any decisions. The one complaint I hear most from ex-military personnel, is that they are not permitted to bring/have firearms until a Permanent Resident which takes 4-5 years after initial application.

We are planning on coming for a visit in December for 3 weeks. Thanks!

What information in particular are you looking for?  Examples?
Cheers .... Terry

Hi there,
My husband and I have fallen in love with CR (we're birders and have toured all over the country the past few years. We are wondering if it's worth it to buy a property in Tamarindo as a rental property and stay there, now and again. I read on this forum that it's easy to buy and hard to sell. Also, we were there in May, and didn't have the best experience with our real estate agent, and then we were told conflicting info about whether or not to buy a property as a corporation. Needless to say, we're considering backing off of the whole thing, because it seems over complicated, which is a shame, because we retire in a few years, and were thinking of semi-retiring there.

Is buying property really as complicated as it seems, and are there good agents who would have our best interests in mind?  Thx!

If you are 'uncomfortable' with your agent for any reason ... definitely 'back off'.

Take time and make a decision at later date.

We researched Mexico / Belize for five years before deciding on Costa Rica.  We did buy property in 2010 and realized at that time (from our lawyer and ex- realtors in other countries) that there is no such thing as a realtor in Costa Rica as they are not licensed.  There are many knowledgeable and good "agents" out there nut they are not governed by any regulations.)  Take your time, talk to those that have gone through this.  DO NOT be scared just be informed !!!!  PM me regarding a corporation and I will give you my opinion ONLY.  One thing I can say for sure is that buying (AND HAVING YOUR PROPERTY TITLED) is golden in Costa Rica). I have power of attorney for my friends house here and you are right, it is hard to sell a house over $200,000 (IN MY OPINION)

OR...don't lose interest due to a dummy real estate agent there are many Dumbos here ...
Find a more competent realtor..they do not have licensed here in CR..there are a FEW  with brains..However I would not recommend buying and leaving property alone HERE OR in ANY COUNTRY.... Tamarindo is not a very safe area should check out the Central Valley areas around Heredia am WAIT  until you can rent for a while and see if it is for you..Beach areas are less safe and HOT and humid ..and A?C cost $$$ as in anyplace..I moved here from California 26 years ago..and bought 3 acres and it is gorgeous in a FINE location ...but not everyone has a 6th sense like me...Slow down if not sure...

Everything I have read, leads to me say that if you are going to rent out a property you are best to put it in an active corporation.  This will help protect you (supposedly) in  case of an accident on the property. Once you have paid for the setting up of this S.A., the cost of this is approx. $375 per year. It also facilitates  the transfer  of  the estate to persons named in the S.A. in the case of death, whereas it could be held up for years in probate. Years ago, residents were encouraged to even place their phone in an inactive S.A. but recent changes have had most of them dissolved.

The law in CR now says that you are required to pay tax on rentals of 30 days or less and register said property, although they are still trying to sort this out of how to do it... :/

It is not advisable to leave any property vacant.

In some countries you are required to advise them that you do own property here...

Please check with a reputable lawyer .

whats an S.A. ?
We are still planning on being in country in August hope to find out more about CR and renting a place.

More detailed info on an S.A.

Hello to all.  I've been in Costa Rica for two weeks today and am looking for a place with strong sunshine and few mosquitoes to raise children.  My sweetheart is having our first baby in August.

Hi, would you be interested in 2 weeks in San Ramon?  I need a house sitter and someone to watch/take care of my cats.  This would be in early August.  Please advise ASAP as I am rapidly running out of time.  Thanks.

Please contact me.  I would like a house/pet sitter for about 2 weeks in August.  Please let me know if you might have an interest.

Hi.  I'm Judy and have been here (in San Ramon) since May 1.  I love it here and have found both the expats and the Ticos to be welcoming and very helpful.  I came from Houston, retired early, and am just here to enjoy life.  So far, so good.

Thanks everyone for your help and great advice!

Hi Judy,

Thank you for your interesting offer.

The problem with having babies is that they don't let you know exactly when they are going to come out and be adored!  I'll be hanging out with my sweetheart close to the CIMA hospital in San Jose for an undetermined amount of time in August.

Have a great trip,


My husband and i are coming to Costa Rica again in August to look around and see if we can find a spot to spend our winters in.  I am retiring this Dec. 2017.    We have been to Jaco with our family, and traveled to a few other areas when we came back with our friends last year.  It is my favorite country, just beautiful, and the people are very friendly.  I would like to live in an area with a lot of other ex pats that are active and play tennis and golf and things like that.  Is there anyplace that some of you would recommend?  We have not been everywhere, so it is difficult to know.  We both really liked Jaco area, but are not familiar with much else.  Mt Ariel was just beautiful as wel, but kind of touristy.  We intend to travel around when we come in August this year, but we only have a week.  So it is difficult to decide in that short amount of time.  If we had some input from other people, it would be so helpful. (so don't be shy, input away)  (english porfavor, my espanol es no bueno. ; (
We live in the country now.  And after going to the city in San Jose to the airport, we decided we don't like it there much at all.  But, i would like to be "near" the beach, not on the beach, but would like to see the water from a distance.  We rented a place in Jaco that was on a mountain, the roads were pretty bad, and quite scary, but i have to admit near the end of the vacation i had become accustomed to them.  And was not hanging on for dear life quite so badly.  lol.  I wouldnt want to be using those roads in the rainy season though.  I think that would be really scary!  But the view was breathtaking... 
Any input from you folks would be greatly appreciated, and i thank you for your advice!!  have a great day, i am jealous sitting here in rainy upstate NY dreaming of the day i can absorb some vitamin D the old fashioned way in Costa Rica, learning spanish and having a a pool. 

All the Best!
Brenda Woodford

Most facilities that offer golf and tennis will be found in an expensive resort area....although, there is the Cariari Country Club in Belén, where there is some nice rentals. available while you look around for long term accomadations.. It is in a safe area.

Thank you so much, we will check that out when we come in a couple of weeks! I am so excited to have suggestions now instead of just blindly roaming. 

A good combination of both Costa Rican;s and International expats live in this area.

Thanks!   ;)

Single guy, planning to spend a 1 - 2 months in Costa Rica, probably the Central Valley, no clue where, think I'll use a dart and a map, to figure out if it make a good fit to move/retire there. I have so many questions but main on is, instead of trying to find a furnished apartment before I come, would I be better to just stay at a local hotel till I can find a rental for the rest of the time I'm there. Thanks to anyone who might have some thoughts on it.

Doing like you said, is the best way to go...and I think it is what most of us who actually live here, would suggest. :top:

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