New members of the Australia forum, introduce yourselves here – June to December 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Australia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Australia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I have previously lived in Australia for 3.5 years, between 2011-14. I did it the backpacking thing for a year then I settled in Sydney for 2.5 years. I. That time I met my girlfriend, a Welsh/Australian, and we moved to London. Now we are moving back to Perth to where all her family are. I have a sister in Perth so I am vaguely familiar with it. She'll be with all of her high school friends and I'm just a bit concerned that I might be a bit of a tag along.

Also, I've been working as a lift engineer for the last 6 years but I've only just now began getting my qualifications in the UK. The quals are transferable but we are going to leave before I finish the course. I'm open to the idea of starting again at the bottom of the ladder in Perth and I'm open to any suggestions that anyone may have regarding the work and social concerns I've raised. Sorry if it's a bit full on. I'm not really sure what the protocol is.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi ,

i am coming soon to Australia
and looking to make friends , i have a lot of questions in mind about accommodation and finding a job and about life in general ,also about following the proper ways to obtain a PR and eventually having my Australian passport
thanx in advance.


I am Vinnie. I live in Timor-Leste. I work for Australian Embassy in my country as a Translator/Interpreter. I enjoy my job very much. However, I am now 41 years old. Sometimes I tell my self that I am too old to continue in this profession. I would like to work as a seasonal workers in Australia. I need somebody to help me and to provide the requirement on how to get an Australian Passport.

On the other hand, I also would like to request if I could bring me family with me. I have 2 boys and three girls. Would you think Australian Government will accommodate my family.

Im rwandese currently working in Uganda but with much hope of moving to Australia. Iv read some interesting things about the continent and since i love an adventure, i felt this is where i need to be.
Im a graduate but currently pursuing my ACCA with intentions of working in Accounting/Finance preferably in a private organisation or NGO. Therefore im open to any suggestions, job ads, internships.
Anyone able to give some valuable info can contact me.

Hi, my name is Alex and I'm a French guy living in Sydney. I moved there in 2014 and I'm loving it! I work in IT, and I love going to the more than 100 beaches Sydney has to offer. Before I lived in Sydney, I was in Melbourne and I liked it too, especially the coffee;)

I look forward to speaking with you about Australia and travel in general. I just added my blog to On My job in Australia, you can find tips and advice to get a job in Australia and move Down Under. There's also a jobs search engine: Blog link on

Currently at a job who's head office is in England and has an office in New South Wales and there's maybe an opportunity for me to go work / live there with the family. Just looking for advice on how to sort it and what I need to do. Got a few questions too if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks guys.


I am actively looking to live,work and hopefully establish myself in Melburne, Australia, but won't turn down,any opportunities,anywhere else in Oz. I have lived in UK,for 15 years,and had to leave due to ex girlfriend problems. I have worked in Kebab shops, Christies' Bistro,in Manchester University,before it changed owner, and also as a labourer,while living with my ex,in South Derbyshire,UK. I have just come back from a trying to work on an old 500 passenger greek cruise ship and that wasn't for me. I am now living back in Mauritius, not knowing where to start workwise,hence being here,looking for work abroad. I have my all of my dad's family living in Sydney, but they are no help,as i have tried. Hope to have better luck here,eventually,thank you.



I'm Cheryl L. from the USA.  I'm a realtor here in Florida.  I help people relocate to the USA from foreign countries and I also help Americans relocate overseas.


Please let me know your personal e-mail address for me.

Hi, Im Matt, Im from Poland and fortunately this year I get Work & Holiday visa which I was trying to get for a very long time. I'm a professional table tennis player and coach with experience in a gastronomy business. I'm going to spend in Australia 2 years on my visa. I'm looking for accommodation for one person in one of the bigger cities in Oz: either Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or other. For every help or a tip, I would be very thankful.

Regardless Matt

Hello everyone,
Is there anyone who can guide me through the process for job hunt in Australia??

Hi everyone and thank you for your introduction  :)

@ Asharlqbal, please go through the articles of the Living in Australia guide first, then, if you have any questions, feel free to create your own topic on the Australia forum.

All the best,


I am Reetu, i want to move in australia. I have done my 3 years diploma in inforamtion technology and i have the 6+ expereince as a software developer.

Im moving to Perth in October, can anyone advise how i can get accommodation before my arrival. Also i dont get any responses when i apply for Accountant jobs, any advice?

Hi, my name is George and I'm a Rwandan aged 25,male by sex- guy living in Kigali capital city. I have been here here since especially after education most because my Education was done from out of Rwanda and I'm loving it if i could get a chance get there! I work in Accounts, and I love going to the more than 100 beaches especially in Canberra which also has more offers. Before I lived in Kigali for some good time with Commensurate experience in Accounts Section

I look forward to speaking with you about Australia and travel in general. I just added my blog to On My job in Australia, you can find tips and advice to get a job in Australia and move Down Under. There's also a jobs search engine: Blog link on me maintain my propinquity as wait to hearing from You.

Thank You


I'm Trevor I'm a Childrens Nurse by background started arpound 40 years ago and have worked in the UK, Saudi Arabia and taught in Hong Kong. My  varied career has encompassed clinical, managerial and for the past 15 years a semi academic role leading MSc Leadership for health and Social Care programmes delivered by by company [link moderated] and the University of Northampton.

I'm picking up my clinical career by doing a Return to Practice Nurse programme to brush up my clinical skills with a view to working some clinical shifts in the UK.

With most of my four children having left my legs are getting itchy for travel and I'm exploring the possibility or working abroad . My older son has been in Brisbane for what seems a life tiem although its only 4 years so it may be apipe dream but I'd like to explore the possibility of nursing jobs in Australia.


Hi everyone

I fell in love with Australia 8 years ago on a 3 week holiday with my then boyfriend and after a working holiday 5 years ago I am now finally ready to move down under.
Being a clinical psychologist I would really appreciate any advice from colleagues on how to open a practice or find other work quickly.


i am a new member and wishing to join you guys there.

Australian PR from the Philippines. I've been trying to look for a job similar to the one I left in Manila  here in Melbourne but as of this writing still have no luck. It's been almost 3 months and I am not sure if it was a good idea to leave a good job and family to come to Australia.

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    My name is Jahangir I am currently living in Islamabad Pakistan but in future I move in aus on skilled visa I have more than 13 years of experience in the field of electronics anyone help me how can I got sponsor from Aus skilled visa I want to polish more  my technical skill Pls help me and guide me

Hi I'm Mark .. last year i had try work part time as geologist at northern Australia ... when  I'm
Back to KL I'm thinking to continue pactise my profession at Australia

My name is Abayomi Victor from Nigeria. Very cool and interesting to be with. I am looking forward to moving into Australia with my wife in September.

We are both Accounting professionals and will like to meet with very nice people and friendly individuals of all descents.

My name is Lizz and I am a kenyan by nationality. I am looking for colleges in Australia that offer scholarships inorder to pursue my degree in bachelor of commerce

Hi Avobati,

I am in the Accounting profession as well. I just arrive but I will be happy to share what I have learnt through research and preparation for the move to Queensland. Inbox me if you need details or help.

All the best to you and your wife with the move. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and we all get jobs soon :)

I am from Jamaica. I just moved to Queensland and I am looking to connect with my follow Jamaicans, other Caribbean Nationals and make new friends from other countries/regions.

My name is Joseph  I am currently living in Kenya but in future I will move to Sydney or Perth australia for further studies. i work as paralegal officer and would love to know more about work,living standards and accommodation.
Kindly help with more details on the same.

Hi! I am Stela!

I just joind this forum and i am hoping to find some good typs for my ideas. i am thinking to move to Australia permanently, but it seems to be a bit hard. I dont want to rush my steps to get to Australia, but i would love to try it. So i am living right now in Austria, Europe, but in the past few years i just try to find my place here, it didnt worked out for me. I hear all the good things about Australia, thats why i am thinking to try it. It is very important to me to be around real and open minded people. I hope i will find my way to finish my plans, to move to Australia.
Thank you in advance for all typs and comments!
See you around!

Hello from Turkey.

I am 27, an mining engineer and  working in goverment department for last 4,5 years but not happy about my job and actually my country situation. Australia is a life goal for me since i was a kid.(dont know why because i really dont used to live with bugs and spiders really :P ) So i found here and wanted to join. Maybe i can find a suitable way to accomplish my wishes.


First you need to find out if you qualify for a visa.  Try for visa information and applications.

hello everyone,im marish living at melbourne at the moment..Me and my husband flying sydney this week to try our luck,he had some jobs offer there and i hope i can find one for me..I Hope i can find some filipino friends there...

Hi, my name is E Terrence
Can you please help me I wanna move to the US  for study. I need a host and a guarantor.

E Terrence Yeah :

Hi, my name is E Terrence
Can you please help me I wanna move to the US  for study. I need a host and a guarantor.

Good luck with that one !!

I'm an Aussie and if you need accommodation maybe you could join , Workaway. It's a website we're you join as a Workaway or host and exchange work for free accommodation and some meals. This may work for you until you get settled. You look at host profile and may be requested to do all sorts of things up to 5 hrs a day then rest time is yours. Host request all different type of work from babysitting , cleaning/ cooking at their house , work on a farm and more. I'm currently in Vietnam as a Workaway teaching English and get free accommodation. Hope this helped. Lisa

Hello Everyone,

My name is Michael and I'm very early into looking into the possibility of moving to Australia with my Partner and our Son.  I visited and did a little travelling in country for 5 weeks in 2010 and have wanted to return since.

My parents and my brother currently live in Perth but the only option I would have to get to Australia is as a skilled migrant.

With this in mind I am starting to retrain from Payroll into Accountancy and would welcome tips regarding what avenue to go down to ease my chances of finding work.



Am planning for trip to australia and hope for a brief clue of the  sydney  (package) lifestyle and of course living expenses.

I'm Philomena, from Kenya. I recently submitted my Expression of Interest for the Subclass 187 visa. I'm an office manager with over 4 years experience. I'm looking for a visa sponsorship  job in Regional Australia. If there is anyone with job referrals, kindly contact me.

I am Ajay from India. I plan to move to Brisbane in Feb 2018 to do my Masters at UQ. 
I shall need help to find an accommodation and to find a part time job.  Hope to have a fruitful days ahead.

Hello everybody, I'm from Egypt, working as development director in real estate, my background is architecture and I'm aiming to work in Australia in decent job that matches my qualifications, I don't expect this is easy but I'll take my chances...

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