Moving to Malta with pet

Hi everybody,

This summer I will be relocated with my job from Romania to Malta.
I am stressing about the fact that I would really want to take my dog with me and not being able to find an apartment to rent and the owner will not accept any pets.
You might know this already or not, but Romania is not such a pet-friendly country and it's really difficult here to find someone that will accept you with your dog.
I have a labrador that is well trained, will someone be able to give me some more details as to how are pets viewed in Malta, how hard it's gonna be for me to find rent with a dog?
Many thanks!

Pets are popular here, I had no problem finding places with my cat and frenchie, larger dogs I can't really comment on.

And I suspect it also depends what you are after, forget about some fancy penthouse for example.

I did it from the Uk with a 32kg dog, truth is I would not of come with out him hes my boy
you will need to get the dog all chipped and pet pass ported up.
I don't think find accommodation will be hard as long as you can pay for it but your choices will be restricted.

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