Moving to Norway - PR card in England

Hi all. We might be moving to Oslo soon as my husband has just been offered a very good position there. My husband is European and I'm South African. We have a 3 year old and 8 month old and we live in London. I've just recently obtained my permanent residence card for UK and was wondering if anyone knows if I have to give it up when moving to Norway. Also, what visa would I need as a family member of EEA national?

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Hi, It is my understanding that moving to Norway would invalidate PR in the UK as it's country not Europe based so you need to think about either maintaining that or getting a fresh one in Norway.

If you do end up coming here, it's very beautiful but very hard for non Norwegians to get a job is you must must must learn the language. If you know you are coming start on line. University of Trondheim has a free starter and it's great for getting a start. Like others have said things are stacked very much against non native speakers here . Lykke til x

From reading the UDI website on residency card you qualify to move with your spouse and apply your residency card but there are strict requirements thats your spouse should be working and have a required salary and accomodation assorted. I have been living with my Norwegian child and was thinking to apply for residency card and charge to permit after settling because it could be quicker and i have residency in Ireland for 8 years now. Call UDI and clarify it as myself have option to move as skilled migrant, which can be an advantage for you as well if you have some level of education. Good Luck!

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