Saving $ in Qatar

I have an offer to work in Qatar for $180,000/yr.  I am single and I would like to save at least $100,000 of that. Is that feasible with a good lifestyle?

i dont think u should share this number, it is considered high salary, almost 55k QAR,
yes you can spend 15000 and save almost 40K, (if you have it cash in hand)
and u can save more, depends on your life stile, if u r clubbing everyday or travel every week end you would save less ,, almost 80 k USD

reasonable renting 7000 and less
car 2500 brand new monthly installment and less,
living cost 5000 +- 2000
total 15000 ,,
personally am living single with almost 12000 per month (QAR)
which is almost 4500 USD , 55 K USD yearly, you would save 125K

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