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salamat sore,

My names dan, im from England but living in Australia, but i want to move to Jakarta and start teaching English, only problem is that i dont have a degree, can i do the certificates in the course 3-4 weeks then still get a job?  please help, thanks


Not really no. You can try your luck but you won't get a kitas to work here legally. You need a degree and a reflection certificate of some sort.
Most private language schools won't want to know but you might have some luck with international schools if you have a some formal teaching certificates.

The laws are tough here and hard to get round these days.

thanks so much buddy, so whats the best way to obtain such a certificate (and which one would i need) and how to approach the international schools?

if i take the course and have the TEFL or other one would that particular company help me get work with an international school or just happily take my money and leave me high and dry?

Search online for teaching jobs in Jakarta and send your CV and details to as many as you think necessary.
Get a reflection certificate to help you. I wouldn't suggest a company to help you as they probably won't and it would be simpler for you to do this yourself. Schools are hiring now and if they think you are worth sponsoring and hiring then they consider you.
But be warned. The salary will be low and the expectation​ high and the contract may not include housing or flights so even if you get an offer understand legal issues and penalties.

If you can be boots on the ground then that will help as well. Schools start up in the middle of July. Consider Tangerang and Bekasi which are both satellite cities of Jakarta as well.

Hi luke and dan,

I have a boyfriend, a british. He is now in england and will have TEFL course in Surabaya this August. He has same issue as dan, that he doesnt have degree but if he could finish TEFL course, he will get teaching certificate.

So i would like to exchange or discuss about this, because he is quite anxious of not getting a job after he finished his course.


Hi Vitta if your boyfriend completes a TEFL then yes he gets a certificate stating he is qualified to teach English as a second or foreign language. However depending on which route he goes ( either language school or normal school ) will depend on his luck at finding work.

Firstly don't try Bali as the rules are very clear and stuck to.
Next understand the rules for a private school are stricter than a normal school. Why? I don't know but they are.
However the basic legal requirement still remains thus:
Over 25
From one of 6 recognised English speaking nations
A degree
A teaching certificate in TeFl or Celts or similar
Drug and HIV free
Able to get a clear back ground check.

The degree is always the sticking point.

However if the employer wants him then they have to provide the legal paperwork. Yes he can work illegally for them going in and out of the country monthly and never get caught but he has to assume all risk as the employer won't.
Even if he is accepted and legal processes start up this can take up to 4 months of the first year contract and may only result in a 6 month legal visa. The rules are tough.

If your boyfriend is on a course that guarantees a job at the end then that's good as long as it comes with legal paperwork.

Clearly if he is studying here for a month he can find time to look for work around surabaya, central and east Java there are always opening it depends on what he will accept. Bandung will be fairly tough as will most of Jakarta. Each area of Java applies rules differently or appears to as well, so I have heard.

I don't recommend working here illegally or without paperwork in process of being approved as it is just not a sensible thing to do. It is however upto him if he wants to run the risk until he can find legal work, which he will if he pushes himself enough and finds a willing school prepared to employ him.

The risk being prison time before deportation and a huge fine and very limited help from the UK as working here illegally is not something they will help us about.

Hi luke,

Thank you for the information, for the age he is still 24 years old. He will become 25 years old this october 3rd.

Is that still another difficult point to get the job as a teacher here in indonesia (since he doesnt have degree)?


As you know Indonesia is full of maybe yes and maybe no. No 2 days are the same and the approach differs as well depending on who you speak with so I can't give an absolute answer to your question or any further only advice from my limited knowledge and 10 years of living here.

For my experience, If you want concrete answers speak with Semen Indonesia...

Hi luke,

What is that Semen Indonesia?

Semen Indonesia, formerly known as Semen Gresik, is the largest cement producing company in Indonesia with an annual cement producing capacity of 29 million tonnes in 2012. Wikipedia

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It's fine if he is 24 years old. Even better if he has a language teaching certificate (EF will sponsor qualified candidates who have yet to obtain a TEFL). However, he cannot work in Indonesia legally without at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Best of luck!


Hi chris,

Bottom line, IMPOSSIBLE for him to work in indonesia without university degree.

I understand what you mean.


Hi all!
my ex was British, and he only got certificate for teaching, however he started teaching in EF first for 2 or 3 years I guess and then start teaching in international school from now and on, but he got some issue for extending his contract teaching in international school because he doesn't have the degree.
so you can start teaching in english course first then move to international school, I guess?


Hi there,

Is your ex got his first job in EF with only his teaching sertificate in indonesia?
It seems like all the path lead me and my boyfriend to an end road to get his job as english teacher in indonesia, due to visa and his educational back ground.


Hello Vitta,

I am not sure, we didn't talk about it in detail. so I can't help you more, also I lost contact with him since a year ago.

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