Life in Brooklyn

Hi guys, I really want to know about Brooklyn in details. You can give me some info like where to go, restaurants, museum, university, New York life..........
Thank you so much!

Brooklyn has had quite a boom in popularity in the past 6 years. Before then, people used to be scared of it. Now, those who don't feel like spending their entire paycheck on rent choose to live in Brooklyn. It's very fun, hip and cool.

Popular neighborhoods:
Park Slope
Brooklyn Heights
Fort Greene

I guess the Brooklyn Museum is nice to check out. Its by donation which means you can pay whatever you want. You want to pay $1? Go for it. They have some cool exhibits in from time to time. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is also nice to roam around. I personally love the Transit Museum which is located in Brooklyn Heights.

Cool places to see in Brooklyn:
Industry City - Google it
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Smorgasburg - Google it also
Prime Williamsburg in Brooklyn - Bedford subway stop off the L Train
Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Caracas located in Williamsburg
House Of Small Wonder - Williamsburg
Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream - Williamsburg

So many more places but this response is getting far too long

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