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Hello friends

Greetings from California, USA!

I just got a teaching offer from a Japanese University. I will be living and working in Tokyo. I fluently speak French and English, but no Japanese at all, and my courses would be taught in English. Still, would I be able to "survive" and be happy?

I need some advice, suggestions or tips. I do not really know if I should accept the offer or if I should say NO or postpone it.


Congratulations on your job offer.
What i would do is check what your offer includes. So whats included when you relocate to Japan. Would accommodation be included? what other benefits would you get ?

So basically a simple calculation would be ; check roughly what your expenditure would be in Tokyo (you may have to read other threads on this forum to give you an idea what living costs are there in Tokyo ) and then subtract that from the salary you will be paid.

if the amount is still favorable then you can make your choice. However, it all depends on what you want out of this offer. 
You may want the experience of working abroad in a country you've never worked before, experience a culture different from your country and many more things..

From my travel to Japan, i can say the standard of living is high there although i was only there for a short visit. I found Tokyo to be very clean, the people were extremely helpful every time i asked for help or directions.  I found the Japanese people to be polite and courteous especially on the subway and trains where the young would immediately get up and offer their seat to an elder one. So these are just some of the things i  experienced in Japan. From my personal experience i found English wasn't widely  spoken, however, the ones i conversed with, made every effort to speak the little English they knew to help me. I was extremely grateful to them for their help.  :thanks:   :thanks:

Hopefully others on this forum can give you more information.

Good luck  :)


Thank you very much. I appreciate your inputs. Best wishes to you, friend.

Hi BEavens,
I'm new to Tokyo as well.. Let me know if you are able to find any useful resources :)
From my experience so far, looks like i need to pick up Japanese language.

Hope you both will get the help you need and make contact with others who are in a similar situation as yourself. You can then exchange ideas to help each other out.

Good luck and hope all goes well.

:)   :top:

Hi Linitha

Yes, apparently knowing japanese is a plus. I also realized that with my English and French, there would be chance to find some network on the ground to be part of, at least in the beginning. Looking forward to coming to Tokyo and experiencing Sophia University.

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