Importing Pets to Jakarta

My husband may have job opportunity in Jakarta, I am happy to make the move but one thing that is stopping me is my pets. Has anyone moved their pets to Jakarta and how did the transition go? Is it hard to find a rental that would hold two Labrador and would there be suitable places to walk the dogs?
Your feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Vicki

Hi.. Maam..
Where will u stay in jakarta.. Renting a house or an apartmen  ???...if u have dogs.. I suggested that u rent a house... With a big yard...

The above is a point to consider.
Many Muslims dislike having dogs in their house even if it's rented out so you might find yourself restricted in some cases.

Yes we will be getting a house, thanks.

Thanks for your feedback, lets hope someone can cater for our needs.

Not all rented house that own by muslims is not accepting dogs fred..actually i have many friends who is renting a house and owned by a muslim.. But they have a dog..

Joe. Augustina :

Not all rented house that own by muslims is not accepting dogs fred..actually i have many friends who is renting a house and owned by a muslim.. But they have a dog..

Thats why i said some, not all.

Hi Vicki,
I moved my two poodles here with a shocking experience. Best is to get a pet agent in your home country whom can arrange for 24 hour discharge from quarantine. Mind you within 24 hours our darlings were infested with ticks. It took a while to ride them of these pests from their long fir. The conditions at the quarantine center is unacceptable and disgusting, filthy unexplainable! Me and wife cried when we saw the dump and the look on the face of our darlings. Paid a kings ransome to bail them out on day 2.

Hi Vicky,

Using pet transport service is the best option.
here is the contact forr Groovy Pet Transport in Kemang South Jakarta

@ Uthyyy > Can you please recommend this pet transport in the our business directory?

Here is the link : Pet transport in Jakarta

Thank you,

Priscilla team

Hi Vickitrust,

I am an Indonesian currently living in Luxembourg, and I've moved my cat from Singapore to Jakarta in 2013 and again from Jakarta to Luxembourg last year in 2016. The guy name Havi he was working for Groovy Pet but then expanding his own business in 2014 (Havinalika pet relocation).

Please note that for the pet to enter Jakarta, they must somehow be quarantine (even though I moved from Singapore which supposed to be rabies free country at that time), so I have to pay a certain amount to make sure that my cat need only get 1 quarantine day (and they still gave her an extra rabies shot - even though she already got complete series of rabies and other vaccines in Singapore).

Hope it helps, feel free to contact me if you need more info about it.

Warm Regards,

Hi Lasering,

I'm sorry to hear about your family poodles.

Unfortunately, yes the government system bring much doubt about their pet care.

May I ask how much did you pay for the king's ransom? And if there is actually any way to avoid the quarantine process altogether?

I'm trying to bring my Bichon and Cavalier in from LA.

Thanks, and thank you for everyone's info too here.

Hi Anthony,

I paid Rp16juta for both to be removed from quaranteen after 24 hours. Also we had to bring them back to our home by road. Local Flight or Train not encouraging there is no proper yes or no answer. Beware the same with many things here.


Minimum 24hours can't excape the quaranteen process. Indonesia is full of unnecessary documentation.

Lasering :

Minimum 24hours can't excape the quaranteen process. Indonesia is full of unnecessary documentation.

Pets (dogs, cats, birds and monkeys) may not enter the rabies free areas* of Indonesia unless they are coming from a country that Indonesia considers to be rabies free  (see step 6.). The United States and Canada are NOT considered rabies-free countries. There are some areas of Indonesia that are dedicating resourses to becoming rabies-free areas. They are Lombok, West Java, Sumatera, Kalimantau (Balikpapan and Samarinda) and Sulawesi. Rabies-carrying animals (cats and dogs) are not permitted to enter or leave Bali.

The Penang government has banned the entry of dogs from rabies-hit states of Perak and Sarawak with immediate effect to prevent the spread of rabies to the state.

The option for home quarantine for pets entering Indonesia from the US, Canada, and other high-rabies countries is no longer available due to outbreak of H3N2. All pets will be quarantined on arrival for 14 days. Pets will be tested on arrival for this virus and if found positive they will be euthanized. There is no vaccine for H3N2, and cats cannot get it, but they are still subject to testing. Vaccinating dogs against H3N8 may offer some protection.

Lasering :

Hi Anthony,

I paid Rp16juta for both to be removed from quaranteen after 24 hours.

Is telling the world you paid a bribe a good idea, more so when you already know customs officers and other officials read this site?

Moderated by Bhavna 8 months ago
Reason : Borderline. Should exercise caution, you are on a public forum

Fred what are you so sensitive about?  It's not going to improve anything for the better if people keep hiding the truth. In fact on the positive side it's good to flush out more of these truths. Oh by the way in case you've forgotton it's a token of appreciation a politically correct defination for you know what i mean.

Lasering :

Fred what are you so sensitive about?

The KPK are sensitive as they're trying to stamp out corruption.
Immigration are sensitive because you can lose your immigration status if you break the law and you seem to have admitted a crime.
The quarantine people could well be sensitive because you've apparently admitted a crime and they are by default guilty, or at least implicated so could find themselves under investigation by the KPK.
Pet owners, especially those with expensive animals, could be sensitive if an outbreak of a contagious disease was caused by people skipping quarantine laws.

Me? Not even slightly sensitive.

It's not going to improve anything for the better if people keep hiding the truth

It's hardly helpful to break the law and openly admit doing so whilst excusing yourself by claiming the laws are unnecessary.
That and you paid a massively crazy over the top bribe that's only going to encourage the corrupt to screw honest people.

If I'd broken the law and potentially left myself open to criminal proceedings and deportation I'd probably have kept it quiet.

Fred it's only you who's making a mountain out of a molehill. If you were a professional you would have not commented unless you have something against people who tell the truth or other doubvious purpose. My intentention is only to share with others what it really is "as is" that's all.  Oh by the way for a so called expert why do hide behind an avatar. For others an avatar is ok but for someone who patronises every post and conversation there's no credibility hiding behind an avatar like yourself.

Up to you but I wouldn't advertise I'd broken the law in a way I knew the Indonesian government were cracking down on, more so when you know officials read this site.

Apart from that, you paid a way over the top bribe so you're encouraging corrupt officials to rip off foreigners.

If the truth is sensitive to you suggest that you stay out of these conversations your actions only attract the yrong type of members to this otherwise whick I thought for sharing information amonsst members in an open environment. You have no compassion for animals from your rude comments. People of this nature don't make good human beings choosing for pets to suffer to uphold their own selfish beliefs and try to influence by bulldozing their way through. To me the only guilty party here is no one but yourself, by your comments you definately are hiding some dark misdoing. And somehow my response to a member has triggered you into misendemeure.
And by the way I lost interest in this website as I no longer see any value in it.

Bribery is still a serious issue in Indonesia but a problem the KPK is attempting to solve by arresting the corrupt and cleaning the place up.
They're doing a pretty good job in difficult conditions but they haven't completed their work yet.

Giving a bribe in order to get around rules designed for the safety of Indonesian animals and Indonesian people is bad in two obvious ways:

You endanger pets and wildlife as well as people because of the possibility of rabies or other diseases spreading due to a smuggled or inadequately screened pet being brought into the country.

Bribing officials, especially with such ridiculously large bribes, encourages them to commit more crimes.

If you intend to bring an animal into any country, do it the legal way.

The only interesting point here is that Fred (and Lasering BTW) needs to lose the avatar and post a handsome pic 😬 you're a well respected moderator and I am a fan of your advice. It is regulation based and accurate though from past posts I'm at a loss to understand baked beans and HP sauce- must be a pommy thing.  Fred show us your handsome and swashbuckling good looks 😬 After reading this I've finally figured out why I don't do pets with fur and feet 👍🏻 Cmon Fred and Lasering even my evil looking head is there for everyone to see. That goes for you too Lasering 😎

I am unable to use my face as an avatar as people tend to vomit with jealousy when they see my terrific good looks.

And just to be public- my handsome night-time  grin was taken at the Surabaya Premier Hospital next to the ATM with its original purpose to text to the local gojek driver bring the invaluable baksol to my needy wife in post-labor hunger blues after the birth of our second son. Apparently he wanted to know which bule to deliver too. Go figure- I'm the only Aussie dude within 10km of the hospital grounds. See guys- not so hard. 😲 PS I think my Ambon Princess wife is addicted to baksol- can this attraction to spicy meatballs be cured? I wretch every time she whales for baksol 😂😂

OMG - you're probably the most handsome-est (is that a real word- do I get points in a scrabble game or benched for improper English?) man in Jakarta. I'm envious of your chiseled physique.

Baked beans on toast and brown sauce is food from the gods.

As for pets. Too many here already in cages throughout Menteng. The monkeys on bikes are not fun either.

As for Fred and his dashing good looks, becareful what you wish for that's all I can say

Good point Luke- he may actually deliver....cheers

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