ISO Restaurant and Activity Rec's for Isabela/Rincon/Aguadilla area

We are spending 1 mth in PR with hopes of buying property and want to experience as much of the island as we can.

We would love to hear any local restaurant recommendations you have (e.g., for the Isabela, Rincon, Aguadilla, and Aguada areas)

Besides the following, are there other activities that you recommend:
* Camuy Caves
* El Yunque National Rain Forest and La Mina Falls
* Culebra island, Vieques Island, and Mosquito Pier for snorkeling
*  Isla Verde for diving
* Arecibo caving, and hiking
* Checking out the fabulous beaches

For restaurants my favorites are Estela in Rincon, for good food/great views, La Vista Smokehouse in Isabela. You can check out of the iguanas below and the ocean breezes are perfect on a hot day.

Personally, I like the ruta panorámica along the central mountain range. So much to see along the way with spectacular views, waterfalls and great food. There are also many coffee farms to visit along that ride if that interests you. (The coffee here will blow you away)

Orocovis has zip lining and other activities as well as some fun restaurants, including a German one and an amazing BBQ place on the way in Ciales. Ciales also has an amazing waterfall...(Las Delicias).

Ponce has the best Art Museum on the island.

I guess I should have asked, what kinds of things are you interested in mostly and are you willing to drive anywhere on the island?

Dito for the Smokehouse in Isabela - pretty good ribs and brisket for PR.  Say hi to Gunter.

Gozalandia in San Sebastian is worth a visit and very cheap.

Taquisimo in Aguadilla is RIDICULOUSLY good. Seriously.

There is a smoked pizza truck in Aguadilla on PR2 between 459 and 443. It's really good. If you're travelling west, it would be on the right side of the road.

Borinquen Burger in Aguadilla is also pretty good. As is Bluefin food truck.

Can you tell I live(d) in Aguadilla and love food lol

For Isabela:

Uma's. Right at Jobos Beach. Everything I have tried on their menu has been great. Mediterranean and Eastern European dishes for the most part.

Tsunami's is more of a sport bar, also in Jobos, but great food.

La Chancleta de Maiz. A food truck (mostly Mexican fare) located closer to downtown Isabela. Close to the Econo supermarket. Open late for that midnight snack.

La Vista Smokehouse. As mentioned, great views of Jobos Beach as it sits on the cliff. Slightly sweet BBQ, but good. I like more heat on my BBQ, and more vinegar.


Del Romano is the name of the smoked pizza place mentioned previously. Have not tried it yet, but from the pictures on Facebook, they have it together. They operate out of a modified shipping container, so should be easy to spot.


Salitre Meson Costero. Great seafood restaurant right on the beach, just east of the Arecibo lighthouse, jest west of the Christopher Columbus statue. Also very close to Cueva Ventana.


Guayabo's Tropical Sunset. Seafood spot right on the water. Full menu and great views.

Goodtimes is really good place to get mofongo. They have a huge menu with over 50 different mofongos.


Mona has really good breakfast.
Desecheo has really good lunch specials

I am familiar with the Good Times restaurant in Arecibo.  It is a good place to eat; I like the beef flank steak they have on the menu.  If you are a fan of Mofongo, they have a huge variety.   

The chef, Mike is a friend and an excellent cook!  Strong recommendation!!

We went to Good Times about a year ago and our Mofongo was good but really dry. May have just been an off night. I think we'll go back. One thing's for sure though - I have never seen such a large selection of Mofongo in my life...

Isabela is known for mofongo, if that is your deal. Don't want to discount the suggestions, but there are two places here that are famous for it.

I heard Good Times is up for sale.  Owner is moving to US.  I haven't been there yet but I hope whoever buys it keeps the same menu and flavor.

Saltaire in the Casa Verde hotel in Rincon.  Pricey, but excellent.  Also, La Cambija, good and not too expensive.  Haven't tried Estela yet, but heard it is wonderful and will go next year.

my experience is that best tasting food is found at cheaper places like food trucks and well established local joins/hole in the wall. If you see a lot of locals, it is probably good, if you see it full with tourists, keep walking.

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