About my Cpf

Hello , is it really important to have a CPF I'D here? Or only CPF Number.. Actually I have a CPF Number but almost a year now I haven't claim my I' it important  or not? Thanks and  more power

Hi there
the ID is the most inportant car you can get in Brazil,, the CPF is nothing
if you dont have an "ID card", then you cant be legel in Brazil

Thank you.. but I wonder why my agent is not eager to take my ID .I'm sure it's ready to pick up. And I can't go alone to take it since they are the one process my documents.

how long ago did you applied for it,
you dont need na agente to go and pick it up just someone that speeks portuguese

August last year .but I think they are the one do the appointments to go there in police federal .

so you have only done the papaer work and not even handed it in to the Federal Police yet
then your an over stayer, and you will have a fine to pay
you poor thing

Nope I'm not an overstayed here .I got my working Visa for two years. The only thing that I don't have is my original CPF I' only asking if it will be fine that I'm carrying a Xerox copy of my CPF I'D..they said most important i have  my CPF Number.

ok yes a working visa is  good. I dont think you need to get a ID card
Your CPF is just for paying Brazilian tax and for buying things
you should carry your passport everywhere, that is your ID,
you Lucky thing

HAHAHA  thank you..big help for me

They don't give you a CPF card anymore. The one you downloaded and copied is all you get.


Really? But one of my friend took her plastic ID card after waiting for one year.

I printed my CPF and put it in plastic. That is the best it gets.


I was able to go to a office here in Belem of course the wife took me (lol). We paid the fee   at the Post Office  (about 1 hour of musical chairs) then proceeded to the CPF office to be told CPF are not issued after 11:30 am (lol) so we went a few days later and got our special number for service for issuance of CPF to foriegners (lol) (that took about 2.5 hours) finally my cue number comes up (yea) we meander to the desk and within 5 minutes I have my CPF, the person printed it out on copier paper, the wife took it to the plastic person somewhere in the neighborhood and woola I'm official. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It was the same for me in BELO Horizonte. You need time because it's not on your side if you are in a hurry... 😁

If you have CPF number its ok just keep it nagagamit yan pag bumili ka as your identification number.
I think what you need to ask from your agent is to have RNE number and card (Cedula De Identidade De Estrangeiro), this is the most important document you need to have here in Brazil aside from your visa.

Hello kumusta? Thanks..meron na ako RNE pero yong cedula  di ko alam yon .yong papel lng na may picture yon ang hawak  ko...napupunit na nga hahaha

Kamusta kabayan

The paper you have they call it protocall,  once you applied for RNE or cedula they will issue'd
that paper to you temporarily and then after a certain time or 3-6months you will come back to them
to get your RNE card and return that paper. Ask your agency about it.

yung RNE at cedule po pareho lang po. If you have this card kahit di mo na dala passport mo pag gumala ka ok lang as long as dala mo yung RNE card mo.

Hello  okay lng asan ka dito banda?

Hindi po cya card eh.papel lng na may picture ko.

Ok lng .kayo po saan ka banda dito sa Brazil?

That was a good idea.maybe ill do the same...

I see that's why i asked if it's okay to carry a Xerox copy coz until now our agent doesn't care anymore.

This forum is set up for English. It is very difficult to help if you are speaking a language most of us donor understand


Ohh i'm so sorry Jim, from now on we will only use english and avoid using our local dialect.

Oh so sorry him. Speak English guys...

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