Safe land for horses within 30 min of Punta Cana

I am looking for safe land with decent grass and good water within 30 minutes of Punta Cana that will be suitable for horses.
I have friends looking locally, I would prefer to lease (I understand it is more favorable for the sellers to sell outright but I need to retain as much capital as possible, so need to strike a strong deal). 
Does anyone have any contacts on the ground that might be able to seek out property that would suit?

Sorry I am unable to help you. But happy to ask my contacts.  Also consider facebook groups. There is one  called Everything Punta Cana. Join and ask the question.

Hi welcome! Sounds exciting. We are miving ti Punta Cana this July. Been doing business there for about 5 years and now ready to make it full time w the family ;-) I love horses although it has been a looong time since I rode regularly. I have visited the stables inside of the Punta Cana resort many times and kids have taken a few lessons from the trainer (former jockey) there. He is great. May be would be a good contact for you? It is a pretty small community down there. Everybody knows everybody;-)

Forgot to say I am a horse professional mostly retired now, but would love real horse friends.  Janet

I don't see my first reply here.  I am looking for the same as you!!  Text me at ***. It would be great to talk to a serious horse person!!   Janet

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