requirements for marriages in sharia court

I want to ask about the requirements for marriages in sharia court. I'm Filipina and fiancée is Egyptian. He's Muslim and converted to Islam. Thank you. Hope they can help me.

I want to ask also this????

Alslamo alikom,

I am a girl who was converted to Islam lately ( Alhamdolelah), I want to marry to one Muslim person and he is married, I just wan an advice if where we can get married as per Islamic rules and keep it secret as we don't want to hurt his family. Thanks

better check with your futur husband and your respective embassy

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Congratulations for your achievement.
Yes you can get married, you need to apply in the Court of First Instance in Al-Sad Street from 8 am to 11 am on Monday or Thursday.
1. Request to the Judge for the marriage approval by general Guardianship.
2. Original Certificate of Islam (for you), legalized from the country of issue and from Qatar and translated into Arabic.
3. Medical Examination certificate (for both) from an accredited hospital in Doha.
4. Certificate of divorce (for you, if any), legalized from the country of issue and translated into Arabic by an accredited translation office in Doha.
All the best!

Hi Kabayan,

I saw your post and I'm curious regarding the requirements you have processed for your marriage. Appreciate if I can hear any feedback from you.

Give me whtsapp no

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