The opportunity of my life.

Hello! ! I'm from Spain.  I Will arrive to Malta on 13th of June. I'm a bit nervous about this trip because is the first time I do this and I've been wanting to do it for a long time. This is my chance.
I'll stay there until the end of September or October perhaps.
The main goal of this trip is to improve my english skills and share the life's experiences with the People I'll meet.
Today I haven't got a room and a job yet but I hope find something soon is for that I need your help please. If you Know about that say me please. I'm looking for in many diferents websites and social networks. I'll have luck I'm sure.
When I'm there will be a pleasure to meet you.



HI Raul

Have you registered with the job centre yet in Valletta? I am considering moving to Malta from Scotland and when i was there a couple of weeks ago I went to the job centre and I spoke with a guy called David and he was really helpful and gave me lots of advice and told me how to register to set up  a profile and then each two weeks show what jobs i would be applying for as well as have assistance from one of their guidance people.
He told me to bring my form of ID like passport and drivers license if i had one and bring all my relevant certificates or qualifications and they would copy them all and keep them on file and base my profile around that and off course what kind of work i may look for including becoming self employed if that is what i chose to do.
Do you know where it is?
Nice to meet you :-)

Thank you very much. I have been an afortunated guy and I have found a good job. Thanks for your help. I'll be grateful with you. Nice to meet you too

Perfect! And Congrats! :-)

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