Looking for Cambodia Business Partner

After visiting Cambodia several times over the past few years; i've decided to take the leap and move there for good and start a business.  I'm looking for someone that has the same objective and that wants to join a fellow expat to share the risk, responsibilities and eventually profits.

If anyone is interested in moving to Cambodia and start a business, then they can contact me via PM.  We can start laying down ideas on what to do and what we got to offer to the joint venture / partnership.

Start up capital should be between 5K to 10K max. 

Kind regards,


Hello ,Gulfport,
What's kind of business you want to start ?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions ?

Are you looking for partner ?, I'm glade  to join you if you have great idea business concepts that can bring benefits to our pockets.

Looking to work together ,


contact me via PM.

Interested too!!

I am interested of being a partner with you. I would like to sit down and express your idea to see what you have and mine.   to see if there are the same planning and purpose. hope to hear from you soon.


Keut Channa
Phnom Penh resident

Are you still looking for partner to start a venture?  Perhaps we can share ideas.


Yes, I do really still looking for

Hello Gulfport I have sent you a private message.



Hello there!
Im also looking for a person as you do.Can i have your contact details( any instant msg apps)?
Thank you!


I like your idea, I would be interested in investing and working on some ideas.

I live in Saigon at the moment but Cambodia is just up the road.

Lets talk.

Whattsapp or Skype?


Could you please elucidate the project which you want to take forward in Cambodia.

I am equally keen to have a setup there.

If it works out, we can join hands.


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