Job Change question

I have been working as an associate professor in a Government University for 3 years. Few weeks ago I was verbally informed by my dean in her office that my contract will not be renewed because they do not need my profile anymore (I teach  IT and CS disciplines that are quite special at least here). Despite it was too late (end of Academic year) I managed to get an offer from another Gov university in another city. The Offer is not yet final because it is still on the level of the college and not yet approved by the rector of the University. Meanwhile I was contacted few days ago by my old institution saying they want me to renew with them because after all they needed for the research part.

I am not really fan of the idea as the dean informed me very late and she was quite cold. I want to move to the new university.

Will an Iqama transfer be possible or not?
Can the old Uni block the transfer?
How do I Know if they informed the ministry that I am not going to be renewed or not?
Or should I ask the new uni to proceed things (if the Uni president agrees on my recruitment) without me really worrying?
Any insights?

Any thoughts please?

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