Moving to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

My husband is considering accepting a job in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Seems like the housing the employer will offer is at Camp 4, which I understand is not a closed compound. I have lived in private compounds in Jeddah, so I know what it is like. What a westerner female like myself should expect from living at that Camp 4, in terms of daily life conditions, moving around the area alone, nearby facilities and places (like shopping centers, gyms), etc.?  Any hints and advices?

Hi.  I lived in camp 4 with my husband.  Very small expat community but nice.  We enjoyed meeting people from all over.  Saudis did not mix. Not unfriendly but they are Very family oriented and rarely seen except coming and going.  Housing accomodations basic cement boxes that served the purpose.  Every room with its own (noisy) air conditioner.  there is ladies and men's healthclubs. Pool was often closed for various reasons. Safe to walk around neighborhhood day and night.  You had to work hard to make friends, usually with spouses of your husbands co workers.  It was what you made of it.  I heard from friend who works at YIS international school that it may close for lack of enough students.  So if you have children this might be a problem.

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