Building a computer in Quito, Ecuador

Hi guys, thank you for checking out my thread! My question is about buying the components needed to build a PC. I am going to become a streamer on Twitch and I need a powerful PC in order to play games and run broadcasting software at the same time. If I was shopping in the US, the cost would be $1300 for all the pieces.

Shopping in Ecuador is not an option. the graphics card I want in the US I can get for $380. Here it is about $800! Technology is ridiculous here, it would be cheaper to fly to America, buy everything there and bring it back. So, my options are thusly:

1: Go to Colombia, buy the pieces there and bring back over the border. Assembled or not
2: Fly to America and bring back everything on the plane

Colombia has the advantage of not costing much to travel to, but it is still about 40% more expensive than in the US so the cost would balance out somewhat. Also, there is no guarantee they will have everything I need, as my requirements are quite steep.

Going to America is expensive, but I can get everything cheaper and, just that, I can order everything I want so I do not need to compromise. So, with those options, my questions are this:

1: does anyone have experience trying to do something similair with computer parts?
2: what kind of customs and taxes could I expect from trying this with either option?

Thanks a lot for your help guys, really appreciate it :D

A third option would be to find a retailer who allows you to build your own PC and ship here which would be cheaper than r/t airfare. I don't know what the taxes would be but computers from my understanding don't incur much duty because of their category, and probably cheaper tax wise than piece by piece imports.

I would consider using a courier service to bring the computer components, except the box and peripherals.

Using the 4x4 aduana category, the shipping limit for one shipment would be $400 and 4 kg.

So you might need to do two shipments each one subject to $42 tax plus the shipping cost which depends on weight.

Here is a service I use sometimes.

I may have a couple of options for you, but I will have to get the info from my husband before I could relate it to you.  Here in Manta, I used to have a certain internet provider, which was the best of my options based on where I lived.  We had so many outages and problems but it was based on radio signal.  However, the guy who runs the company could probably help you as he fixed my old laptop that crashed and ran on vista.  He fixed it cheaply, but the only problem is that it's all in Spanish and does me no good at this point.  He, or his tech guys could help you, and he travels to the US quite often.  I can get you his contact info from my husband and he speaks perfect English, which is quite helpful.  His tech guys however not so much. 

There is also a guy in GYE, that runs a computer consulting company and also has a legitimate US corporate company in Miami.  He also travels back and forth quite a bit, speaks perfect English and could possibly help you.  Not sure if my husband could find his contact info but may be able to, as they spoke about at one time working together for his US based company.  If you are interested message me on this site and I will see if in the next couple of days, I could get you contact info.  Pricing I'm not sure about, but definitely go hard core tough negotiating, as we had the lowest price on our internet service among any of our gringo friends had when they used him or currently have now.  It may be worth a shot.

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