Migration from South Africa to Dubai. Is it worth it?

Good day,
Company offered me the below package,
20k AED, visa, flights, medical insurance, and 2 week initial hotel stay.
Is this sufficient enough to accept?

Good day to you my friend.. as you can see some people are suffering here to get a job while your asking if 20k is a good salary... appreciate if you respect those people's feelings.

I absolutely did not mean it in a bad way.
But thank you for your response. Much appreciated.

This salary assessment based on your experience and nature of the work. If you are single person , which is sufficient. However, you should tell us more details about you and location of work etc which is easy to tell you if its worth or any other problems.

I think this is good though  not great.  You can have good life in this salary


Hi Saj,

It all depends on what stage of life you are at? If you have no commitments and the money is yours to spend then yes 20k is good, BUT!!! Dubai is an expensive city. Make sure that your package will include medical insurance, car allowance and also housing allowance.

If you rent an apartment it will cost you around 60k a year for 1bd or even studio depending on the area. So thats 5k which needs to be paid in 4 cheques up front. You will have to furnish said apartment because fully furnished places are more expensive. Then you need a car, luckily they are cheap here but still running costs are around 2k for entry level. Drinks are 40 AED each, dinners are 80 to 140 AED per person.

So if you are single and want a very cool fun safe to live and work. yes it is worth it


It's a fairly average wage, are you single or married, or any kids ?
Then I can give you a approx living exp.


If you are single and dont have a job in SA. Yes you could survive. But do keep in mind as from March 2018 you could pay upto 45% Tax to SARS on your gross salary. So that would not make it worth working in UAE any longer. Its not the UAE but SARS that has decided they need your money. And if your out the country for more than 3 months you have to inform them.the UAE central bank will be monitoring your work here and report back to SA. We have been here 8 years, absolutely love this country and will be very sad to leave at the end of the year. But if you have to pay half your money to SARS. Its not going to be worth it.

Also remember UAE can never be permanent. At 60 years you have to leave. Its the law here.

Saj_786 :

Good day,
Company offered me the below package,
20k AED, visa, flights, medical insurance, and 2 week initial hotel stay.
Is this sufficient enough to accept?


It all depends on how much you are currently drawing in your own country, do you have taxes to pay their out of your salary, all the expenses you do and how do you like to spend your live, after all these things, what are your savings by end of the month. just do a rough comparison and you will get the best answer by yourself. Try it

Hi Saj,

Like a few members said already, you will have to calculate roughly how much you will be left with after all expenditures at the end of the month.

Remember that housing is the most expensive thing here, so if you get less than 20k with accomodation paid, then by all means take it. I know that SA can be very expensive too so moving here with a reasonable package would be a definite no brainer.

Good luck and welcome to Dubai!

Congratulations for the job. Yes, the package you been offered at this time of the year is wonderful. Your major expense will be housing which you can get easily under 7k a month in a good locality and other expenses like food, entertainment, travelling won't cost you more than 4k. So you are good to go.

this is good offer. i think you should join.

Yes at least in the beginning until you find a better job

Try to get the experience in the country then you can apply for better opportunities

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