GCC Resident Online Visa cancellation.

Hello ,

i have recently got an online UAE Visa and wants to cancel the same but on the website online cancellation feature is not been activated , does anyone how to cancel it.

thank you

Did u cancel the visa?, I've visa with wrog information wants to cancel and re apply , please reply..


No i did travel on that visa and utlised it and then applied for a new visa
i did struggle a lot with cancellation but all the efforts were waste !

thank you for the reply, I've visa with wrong DOB , so tried to cancel the same but there is no option in website nor with customer care or any immigration, want to cancel and re apply, someone from call center told travel with same visa no issue.

If your passport number is Correct  in Visa , worry about DOB ! You should be good to Go !

thanks for the reply... I'm traveling on 25th I will update

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