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I am from Egypt living in Cambodia, i would like to marriage to a Chinese female, we both muslims and would like to marry in Indonesia, we don't have any certificates, just passports, Is it possible we marry in Indonesia with just Passports?

Any suggestions will be fully appreciated,

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It was rather complex for me, as a long-time resident of Indonesia, to marry a local woman.  There is a 2-step system whereby you have a religious ceremony first, then go before a judge for the legal formalities.  As Muslims, you may have a somewhat easier time of it, but I doubt seriously the process would be easy even for Muslims.

There is a residency restriction when at least 1 of the partners is an Indonesian citizen.  When both partners are expats, the process is likely much more complex, if it is even possible at all.  Most countries require married couples to reside in the country for some amount of time after the wedding (Singapore is 21 days, not sure about Indonesia).  As noted, it may be somewhat easier for Muslims, as the system here is streamlined in that regard.  You will want to check with the Ministry of Immigration ( for complete details.  There may be exceptions for nikah marriages.

Hope that helps a little.

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