How to make friends in Tallinn

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Tallinn :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Tallinn??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hi my name is dan27,im coming from italy,next august i like to travel tallinn,so i like to hagging with friends, go to bar,to do so many things,,so if u have joing with me please write me ,,to be my friend...

Welcome on board dan27 ;)

Hey just moved 1 week ago to Tallinn  from UK . :) im 16 years old . I'm looking for friendship :P my contact msn is filiser[at]

Just want to meet other people in Estonia and make friends . =)

Since you are 16, are you also going to go to school somewhere now?

There is also an expat group on facebook. We go out alot at the weekend. thinking about moving to estonia but im still havent decided definitely yet.but im looking to have friends from estonia maybe that would be better before moving to there . like the country a lot and i have read and see much abt it

here is my facebook if someone wants to talk i ll be happy to talk to some friends from estonia

facebook;simo naia naia

Simo... its interesting to  know  why  people  choosing to  move to Estonia?

hello... My name is nelson, I just move to a small country call estonia and would love to make friends anywhere in europe and africa I believe to meet them some time in future ... hope to hear from you if you dont mind. :D

hi dan i need some help can you give me your facebook name plz

My wife and I moved to Tallinn in December from America.. we met in the states 15 years ago.. Tallinn is her hometown..

are you still in Tallinn?


cool ! lets keep in touch! ru on whatapp?

how do you find it and what do u do for leaving?

We live in Germany at the moment but will be back in August , so looking to surrund myself with English speaking community!
We lived 10 years in Ireland ;)))

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Hi rhere,

I'd like to find new friends for my girls (8 and 6 years old). They were born in the UK and they speak English and Russian. We are moving back to Estonia at the end of May but they don't have any friends in Tallinn. I'd be great to hear from families who also need to find new friends for their children!

There are plenty of English Speaking expats here and almost all the rest can speak it too!

Hi Johnny,

Yes, you are right that there are lots of english speaking expats in Estonia and I'm sure there should be families with children who also would like to find play mates for their kids but the question is how shall I find them? I'm hoping to get someone know through this site but may be there are better options?

I would like to visit Estonia sometime in July but I need to have contacts first.
Kind Regards,

Nkosinathi Ndhlovu ****

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Hey what's the name on the groups I want meet friends in tallin when I'm visit there one time month :)

Hi Pauli I just got here as well. I am from Brazil. Have you meet some people already?

Hi All, my name is Andre, I'm from New York. Will be in Tallinn in midst of April for couple of days and would like to meet new friends for any kind of activities.

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