High school in Northern Cyprus

Hi I am moving to Bogaz near Iskele in June, my youngest son will be with me, he is doing his GCSE's at the minute in a school in Dubai, I have been told there's Doğa school in farmagusta that speaks English, does anyone know anything about it? As I'm having trouble getting intouch with them.

Hi Jakki
I visited this school last year. from what I understood it was very good in terms of education, environment but it was bit pricy for my budget.
It is part of big unversity which bonus encase your child needs extra classes there are lot of graduate students available for small fee.
Most classes are taught in english and some are turkish. I didnt see many foreign students but I was told there are some including Arabs.
But my best choice was the area which is educational environment. It would have been good if there is some one whose children go to this school with more indepth info.
I wish good luck with your search.



Thank you so much for your reply! We r arriving there next week so we will go right there, haven't been able to get them on the phone.

Hi Jakki again
I really liked the area as it is all about education. the school is by big university with lot of international students.
The school admin was very nice, they showed me around and I liked it but only draw back I can think of can be there may not be many students who can speak good english so that your son may feel bored although they mentioned there are some and I am sure your son got used to new educational environment.
It is also very nice area if you may opti homeschooling as there are too many graduate in any subject you like in small fee.
There is also Turk maarif in Nicosia which is taught in English all GCSE subject and it is free if you have resident permit so for long term it can be great option.
For me I was thinking to move with my children to North cyprus and I realised I can't afford their schooling fees so I had to forget moving for the time being until they grow then it will be more easier for me to move around.

I wish you good luck and I hope you enjoy your time in Cyprus


Hi again

We r moving as my husband lost his job in the Middle East so we hv to leave, we hv a small house there so will live in it but we just need to get my son school , very worried about him settling in,

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