i want my children back with me

my cousin who is an italian resident has lost two kids for more than a year now .he later got information that the mother of the kids have come to germany to seek for asylum with the children .now he wants kids back to live with him in italy .how can he achieve that or how will he go about it .please help

He needs the help of a good lawyer, not an Internet forum like this one.
The lawyer will figure out which country's law is applicable, what are the possible steps to take and what are the risks and chances.

How can someone possibly answer such a question? The question is who has legal custody? If they were all in Italy before and he had custody, then she might be in violation of the law for having left with them and it could be enforced that they return. If he never married the mother and she has custody then he probably has little chance. But such things have to be decided elsewhere before hoping to get German officials to send kids back. But normally, if they and/or the mother were already living in anyway legally in Italy then I don't think she can apply for asylum in another EU country.

they were legally maried for 5 years in italy then the woman got pregnant for another man whiles they were still married den this woman left the matrimonial home to live with the new man .all in italy ,later the wife of the 2nd man came back from holidays as  a result of this the woman left with the 3 kids to germany for asylum .everymonth they father send money to the woman for his children upkeep then later stopped when he gotnto know they were seeking asylum and confronted the woman she then told him he wont seee the kids again.

You can only apply for asylum if you come from a country where you are politically or racially prosecuted or which is at war.
Since this does not happen in Italy, somebody living there before cannot get asylum in Germany.
She is not telling the truth.
In any case, if he still has custody, he needs a good lawyer to get his rights.

my little investigation i made  on her in germany i came to discover she registered for asylum 15 months ago and has been transfered to a city called emmerich with the children.i dnt know if she has been accepted.please any sujestion on what to do now

What nationality is she and the kids?
Asylum applicants coming from safe third countries are sent back there. The husband (or you) could inform the Emmerich authorities of her prior residence in Italy (and send proof of it).
She's the stereotypical (and hated by the media) asylum fraudster and by that is making things difficult for those who genuinely need assistance!

my next question is,where do we start from?is the the police station in germany or which authorities can we confront?we have a copy of police report filed in italy when the kids disappered,copies of marriage certificate , permit of stay and residence from italy

The police in Emmerich can probably help you, or the refugee authority. I recommend you to engage a German lawyer to do this, as German language will be required.
As this will probably take weeks or months (and she might disappear with the kids again), he could apply for an urgent order to return the kids to him at a German family court. He'll also need a German lawyer for this.

In all, I would contact a Family Lawyer or Immigration Lawyer. They would be the best people to talk to as they know the law better than you or us.

can i start the process on behalfof my cousin because he is currently in italy

Naana phaty :

can i start the process on behalfof my cousin because he is currently in italy

I don't think so, but you can of course find a lawyer and establish the comtact.

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