Looking for a room in Stuttgart

Dear Mr,

I am a student and I 'm intending to spend 6 months in Stuttgart, Germany starting from June 2017, and I'm looking for a room. I'm willing to pay up to 300-350 Euros per month.

Please contact me if you have anything available or send me internet resources if you know any rent platforms.

Thank you for your attention.


Hi souheib93,

Welcome on board.

Feel free to consult the Housing in Stuttgart section to find the latest offers available and do not hesitate to post a detailed ad about your requirements.

Best of luck.



Students have it easier than most in Stuttgart. There are pin-boards at the University where rooms are advertised and you can put up your own ad about looking for a room. Typically one can find a cheap room in a shared apartment (WG).

What is available fluctuates and varies a great deal. One has to consider location and usually public transportation connections but also what is included. Some might offer a room and a shared kitchen and bathroom but not much else. Others might have a common room like a living room and/or balcony and include such things like internet access, washing machine etc.

Important is to find people one can get along with. A quiet, studious student for example will probably not be happy living with a bunch of wild partiers who smoke and drink and play loud music all night. On the central campus such a pin-board is in the K-2 building. I am not sure where the best place is at the main campus in Vaihingen but there are probably multiple ones.

Regular (non-furnished, long-term rental) rooms already cost mostly above the price range you mention.
If you need a place for only a few months, and prefer one with furniture, you should probably double your budget.
Sorry, but renting in Stuttgart isn't cheap.

Beppi is right about the cost in Stuttgart in general.But that is why I mentioned finding a shared flat with students. Mayn go off for a semester or to travel and want to get their place back when they return and are happy to rent it out for a fixed period of time. And for a room in a student place, 300 - 350 euros is pretty normal

Try to search for hostels, it will be cheaper

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