hi all , i am egyptian living in egypt , i need any help to get me immigrates to any country as fast as possible please
i have a bachelor degree in commerce - english section - i am a banker now - with a total years of experience 6 years.
Please please help me
whatever the way , the mean , the solution i will do it

If I might offer one piece of advice...

Be careful who you accept offers from - There are many strange people in the world that will take  you literally and try to get you into something very nasty.

there is many countries need qualified skills like canada, usa and austrlia. use internet to know latest regulations, laws, certifications, credentials...ect

as you know ! most young guys like us want to leave this country for ever, and remember you must pay the price for expatriation so count the consequences for your further decisions.
remember your family, friends, good memories....

good luck for your aims :D

Check the express entry visa of Canada.

I think canda is the best you can follow website of embassy and they will help you.


Do you want china ?

Hello ,
My advice to you to apply directly on official governmental web sites ,  Read their requirements  carefully and prepare your papers and your money !

Don't follow any lawyer or agency . Help yourself !!  .

Australia … -australia



Good luck !

I agreed with Mr. Ahmed, only apply through the official websites of the different embassies. Many people, offices and lawyers misuse and lie to the people telling them that they will help them get their papers. Take care of that.

whatever the way , the mean , the solution i will do it???????

Dear Nourhan
I think the only way is to get in love with a foreigner and marry him. Don't believe those agencies who promise you jobs in western countries. and there are many Egyptians abroad who would like to marry an educated Egyptian.  I will be visiting Egypt for first time in my life tomorrow. Keep in touch if u need to ask more. I speak Arabic too. My mom is Lebanese.

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