How to get a local Sri Lankan driver license issued

I moved to Sri Lanka a few months ago and at several police stops I was asked to show my driver licens. I only have a German one ( for Car and motorcycle ) and an International one issued in Germany.

Anyone an idea how to get a local driver license issued fast and easy ?! I live in the South and going to Colombo costs me at least two working days....

Thanks for the advice !

Why- do you walk to Colombo?

Take a train, go to the AA near the Galle Face Green, show them your international drivers licence, pay about 3000 rupees, get a Valid Sri Lankan Foreigners drivers licence- lasts about a year. That is what  I did.

My husband went to the central licensing centre in Colombo. You pay about 20 thousand rupees and you get your sri lankan licence in about half a day. It lasts at least 10 years. Take your passport and german drivers licence.

Only two ways I have heard of. Goodluck.

Hello frogyangbrit,

thank you for your answer.
I would prefer to get a normal driver license which lasts as you write for 10 years.

Could you please give me more details on the "central licensing center" what and where is that exactly  ?

Do you know if I also can send someone with a power of attorney from me with the documents  or is it binding I have to appear in person myself ?

Thanks for your time !


Local licensing centre is located in piliyandala (Werahera).I suggest you to get in contact with a local Driving school.They will tell you the way forward.Since you already have driver's license you can directly apply for the Practical test.But im not quite sure about the written exam.You normally have to wait 3 months after taking the written exam.But there are ways to get it early.Talk to some Driving school fellas.

Good luck!


thank you for your kind advice.

My husband with an EU licence did not have to take any test what so ever apart from a physical (which he paid 5000 rupees for because he is a foreigner). But no need to take a test if you have an eu licence.


thank you for your info. I also think why do another driving test as I have been driving for 40 years now in Europe....

Any special place to go to get the health certificate ?  Or can any doctor issue it ?

Thnak you for your time !

No- you have to see the doctor there. They charge foreigners 5000 rupees but see them more quickly

Thank you - I will try it this way...

Kind regards



may I ask you where this office is located exactly ?

Do you have to go to the motor Department of Motor Traffic in Colombo 5 ( I got this address from the interent)  No. 341, Alvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05, Narahenpita  or else where ?

Is the office easy to find ?

Thanks for your time !

Kind regards


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