Long-term housing in Ponte Tresa or Varese near Swiss border

Hello from Germany, where I have been an English trainer since 2014. I am an American of Italian heritage and am now learning basic Italian. Am a happy, fit, responsible, non-smoking, youthful 55+, and friendly English trainer.  Does any one have any connections in or around Ponte Tresa or Varese, Lombardia? I am moving to the area in mid June 2017 & am hoping to find shared, furnished housing for at least one or two years. Am taking part in a volunteer teaching project. Grazie mille for your help! Ciao, Ann L.

hI Ann L,

Welcome on board.

You could perhaps drop an ad in the Housing in Italy section, giving specific details about your requirements to increase your chances of finding what you're looking for.

Best of luck.



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