Study English in Malta Island.


I'm going to do an English immersion program in Malta and maybe someone can help me :)

My Questions
Has anyone used full immersion before? Are they as good as they seem?
Any school recommended?
How can I rent a cheap place? In a share appartement or even share room.
Where is the best and beautiful place to stay?
Anything else I should know?


Hi, please contact: ***   thx.

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Hi Flávia,

I'm a teacher at a language school in the north of Malta, and I also have contacts at some other English schools in Malta.

I might be able to help - feel free to contact me (send me a private message).

Depending on when you're planning to come, and for how long, prices for accommodation vary a lot!

And as regards which is the best and most beautiful place to stay - this depends on what you like:

The north is great for the beaches, it's not far from Gozo and Comino, but generally more quiet. (The schools organise leisure activities, though.) 

The Sliema / St Julian's area (where most schools are located) is more "central", there are more things to do in the evening, and as there are more schools than in the north, there's also a better chance of meeting like-minded people :)

There are two schools in Valletta (the capital city), but I personally would rather choose Sliema / St Julians as a place to stay.

There is also one school in the centre of the island (in Mosta), a good friend of mine teaches there, but if I were a student I wouldn't choose Mosta, as this is more of a place to live, not to spend a great time in another country.

There are no schools in the south of Malta.

There are a few schools in Gozo - but as far as I know only one of them is open throughout the year - the others only offer courses in the summer. I could check that for you - I have some colleagues who teach at schools on Gozo.

Depending on how long you're planning to stay, what level of English you have and want to achieve, and your budget , there is a variety of different courses you might consider. (i.e. General English (in a group of 10 or a smaller group of 6), additional one-on-one lessons, etc, etc.)

Also,  would you prefer a larger school, or a smaller school?

There may be more things to consider - if you give me a bit more info on when and how long you're planning to come, I'll be happy to help :)


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