Hebbal vs. Whitefield: Which is better?

I will be going to Stonehill International School, but I will be  in either weekly or fulll Boarding.  My dad doesn't have a job yet and he's searching. His field is mobile communications.

We are very new to the city; though we are of Indian origin,  my parents and I are foreign born. We hope that we get a nice expat community where we can make friend and an  apartment complex with amenities and modern finishings.

I am also seeking training I tennis and swimming so if the apartment has a swimming pool and tennis court that would be great since I can bring the train or home. Is getting to the city going to take long? Will you recommend any other areas in Bengaluru?

I understand what you and your parents are going through, surely you gonna overcome it soon, it would not even take long.
But one thing you need to bear in mind is that India is very different from western Countries. Also in India and especially in Bangalore Properties are very expensive so having a Tennis ground and Swimming at home is not an obvious fact. But in some houses summing pools exist.
Transportation system is Bangalore is still improving we have buses that some are not comfortable (crowded), but Airport buses are good.
Namma Metro building still going on so does not cover many places.
Ricksaw (Auto) are okay but they cant make very long distance and some auto drivers are crook (Charge more ...)
There are some communication company where your dad can consider like Thomson Reuter....

Whitefield is better is better than Hebbal because most people living Hebbal go for job in whitefield and it is a long distance.
Most of Companies like Wipro, Luscent Alcatel... are located in Whitefield side.

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