Digital Manager - how long will it take to find job in Geneva?


I will be moving to Geneva with my wife, that received job in Geneva. Question is, how long will it take me to find job (i will have working permit) if i have over 15 years of experience in marketing, especially digital marketing, digital project management (including end to end responsibility for implementation and development of mayor websites on Adobe Marketing Cloud and Sitecore) and ecommerce. Last 10 years Im working on senior digital positions, reporting to VP or CEO level, with teams 10+. I dont know French (yet). I have experience from telco and paid Tv but also from work with biggest retail, pharma,bank, automotive brands. My area of expertise is web analytics, digital strategy and digital goals achievement.

Still, Im afraid that it can take me really long to find anything, even on lower level than i have at the moment. Can I have any comments or advices please?

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