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I just moved to Jakarta a month back from Malaysia. I am living in Jakarta Barat with my wife and daughter. We moved here for business expansion. I am looking to make new friends to play futsal or even hit the bars. I speak English and a fair amount of Bahasa Indonesia.
Do contact me if you would like to catch up for a drink or play futsal.

Thanking you in advance.


Hi sir.. Wellcome to indonesia.. If u need help about recreation place or any outdoor activity.. U can contact me..
Theres a lot of beatifull place here.. Such as puncak... A lot of great waterfall etc... Let me known if u like to give it a try...
Gbu for u and family

naveenraj1983 :


I just moved to Jakarta a month back from Malaysia.

Hi, welcome to the forum and my country.
Jakarta is a very interesting city, a lot like KL but without the MRT (for the moment) and pavements (sidewalks).
We have the same wealth gap but perhaps a little easier to see.

I don't drink but there are plenty of bars to be found, expat places mostly in South Jakarta. You'll also find a range of restaurants but they tend to be more expensive that normal places.
I'll get around to trying that Persian place of these days - looks lovely.

Have fun here and here's wishing you success with your business.

Thank you very much Joe.
I will keep the offer in mind.

God bless u and your family too.

Thanks for Fred.
Yup both cities are similar in many ways.

Been suggested a few places in Kemang area.

Another poster suggested getting out and about when you have a free moment and I would agree.
There are plenty of interesting places outside Jakarta to visit, Sengigi beach on Lombok being one of favourites. Others include Jogjakarta and Wonosobo.
The latter is pretty great if you fancy a little bit of getting cold. I have only been through Bandung but I'm assured it has much to offer for a short break.

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