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Hello everyone, I'm sorry of this topic been discussed before but I couldn't find it anywhere.

Since I can't find topics really discussion the interview with the politi, my wife got a summoning letter for the interview, so I won't how long it takes after the interview completed to get a decision?  I applied from the embassy and not from within Norway. Also it would help alot if someone can share their experience, as what they ask in the interview, is it the same ad in the application like description of our relationship?  We been together since 2009, and married since 2011. Also they said the interview could take 4 hours or even more. Any help or light to shed on this matter is highly appreciated.

Anyone, any info is appreciated.

Nvm my question. Interview completed.

my husband and I are on our 5th month of waiting ever since the interview was conducted .
My interview was done in my home country at the embassy and his at the politi in his county  about 3 weeks later.
A month ago our DNA test was conducted  on UDI request  considering I intend to move with my children.So far a total of 8months  of waiting  in my home country from when we submitted our applications, and get monthly updates from UDI.
The UDI website says 15 months for the whole process to be done ,but I hope and pray we get an answer soon.

Good luck to all of us waiting!🙂

Thank you for the valuable information. Yes were in the same boat, except I wasn't interviewed, only my wife in Norway. Out interview wait was short only 2 months but seems the UDI like to keep the case to make a pickle out of it for 15 months 😁. I really hope your and my and others cases gets processed soon, I am here in Norway using a Schengen visa I have I stay here for 3 months then I fly back and wait out 3 months and come back got another 3, it really makes the time go by fast, I hold. Schengen visa from previously it's for 5 years validity obtained from the French embassy, and therefore it really really helpful in these situations, to fly in for 3 months and spend it with my wife here.

Most welcome.Living apart is not easy ,we hope and pray for quick positive response for all of us in the same boat.🙏

Hi Stivenson,  while your waiting the result of the residence permit. You travel back and fort to Norway using your schengen visa... Because i was thinking i would apply a tourists visa while im waiting the result of my residence permit. If it will take 15 months to get the result. . Thanks


Yes I am travelling forth and back using a type C Schengen visa. However I highly recommend you to try fly with KLM if that's an option as the entry is through Amsterdam and of my years of experience traveling to European countries Amsterdam is an easy going and they won't ask you much. Just state in visiting my husband/wife in Norway if they ask what's the purpose of your visit. As Norway is way too complicated at their port of entry, they even asked me for my wife's personal number to ensure that I was not lying when I said I'm visiting my wife. And she's Norwegian. And one of the time they asked me for her number. So save yourself some Hassel if you can enter through Amsterdam so you won't have to deal with thr Norwegian passport control which seems always in horribly bad mode.

I hope I was able to help you.

Also note that I have a Schengen visa from before applying. As I heard you can't have two applications at the same time with the UDI. if that's the case try to obtain it from the French or German embassy as tourist visa.

Hi Thank you for your advice it will helpful.. really appreciated. As of now im thinking if could apply for tourist but im thinking also maybe it might affect on my residence permit . Thanks 🙏

Help please, who can knows. I'm married to a Norwegian. When I was filing Documents for family reunion  I saw that I  must indicate in the questionnaire the names of the previous husbands (now I am in the third marriage). My husband only knows about the last one. Can I specify only the last husband's data in the questionnaire? How seriously is UDI checked it and can problems arise? Or are these questions only for general information about me And for speak about my past in interview? Thanks to everyone.

Hi Marizza! In my opinion, yes,  UDI is very strict in obtaining personal info for everyone and we really need to declare what is being asked of us. Be honest. I dunno if your present husband might get affected about that previous marriages you had before but past is past so he should be respecting that. Just an example, I heard one news here, where an au pair tried to hide her kid from her UDI initial application before she went here (bec there's a main rule that they should be single/childless) , she got away from that, worked here and then fell in love, start a new family, BUT when the time came where she applied to GET her kid from her country, then she got into trouble. She was questioned of her credibility. Something to ponder on.

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