Moving to Dundee with Family

Hi everyone and thank you for welcoming me to this forum. I would like to introduce myself. My husband, two children and I reside in West Hartford, Connecticut in the United States and plan to relocate to Dundee, Scotland. My husband and I are both attorneys and my husband will be studying at University of Dundee and working on some projects from Dundee in the oil industry. I work for a financial services technology company. At this time, we anticipate moving in the Fall.  I have a 5 year old and a 12 year old. I need basic information about tips for relocating which probably has been posted before on this forum. Please provide any relevant advise with regards to materials I should read, other websites, any source of information that help with this transition. Any information that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I will search the forum to find information that has been posted already regarding costs of living, schools, accommodations, neighborhoods, transportations, packing, clothing, healthcare, banking everyday life, pets, shopping, networking, etc. I will post more specific questions at a later time. I am very excited about this move and feel so fortunate to have this opportunity for my family. Thank you all.

I am moving to Dundee with my husband from Belfast Northern Ireland end of March. How is the cost of living in Dundee and any relocation tips you can share. thanx

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

The Numbeo website provides information that will answer most of your questions; this link will take you there.

Thank you for the link i have a rough idea now

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