Child with Brazilian Citizen

Hello group.

I am currently living in Brazil with my fiancé, and have overshot my visa.

She is four months pregnant.

I have read several threads on here that seem to underscore the fact that we will not be able to get married because of my visa status. In a similar vein, I assume the child's birth in a few months will do little to help my situation.

I am correct in thinking that the only viable solution is to leave, pay fines, maintain the required penalty time, and then hope to God that the Brazilian consolate in D.C. will allow me to return?

not at all.....once the child is born you cannot be removed and can apply for permanent
residence regardless of your visa status

Steven is correct after the birth of the child they cannot make you leave. Be sure that you are on the Birth certificate as the father   Also if you pay your fines and stay out the required time you can return without problems as long as your visa is valid. The Brazilian consulate has no control over it. I think you would be better off to clear up the overstay and be clear when the child is born. There are probably some documents you may need also.


Having a Brazilian child is your clean slate :). As long as you manage to pay the overstay fines, everything else gets sorted out in a smooth manner.

Thanks, all! Sorry so long getting back. This is good news. We will obviously be getting married. My concern with this process is with the requirement to bring your visa/date of entry to  the civil marriage authorities. Would we be wiser to wait until after the baby is born to get married?

I believe overall it is more advisable for you to get married after having the baby.  Also I feel that it's better to apply for your permanency based on your child instead of marriage.

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