shipping company

Hi there, is there any good shipping company who ship from the UK to Mauritius?

Basically, i am planning to ship few household things for my new build house.
things like wallpaper, bathroom tap, electric fireplace, kitchen lights, CCTV camera, which is cheaper here and new design. The weight of the box is about 30 kg .

Do I need to contact any agency in Mauritius when the box arrived in Mauritius?

please help

t is NOT worth it to send by shipping company as you have to pay in excess of Rs12,000 for all the fees and the agent in Mauritius beside paying for the shipping fees in UK!  The best solution is to bring it along with you and pay excess luggage(arrange in advance through Air Mauritius or your travel agent).  You will save on time, money and all the unnecessary running around just for a box weighing 30kg.

Thanks Vedan, I think you are right.

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