Renting Before Buying in Ireland

I was born in Ireland, but have lived most of my life in the UK. Now that I have retired, my wife and I would like to move back to live in Ireland.
Before we purchase a property, however, we would like to rent for perhaps 6-9 months to enable us to get a feel for different areas.
We plan to concentrate our property search in Cork and Kerry, and would like to be as close as possible to the west coast.
We need to find a property to rent (two of us plus a dog) from August of this year, but most of the rentals on the major websites (daft, myhome, etc) are outside our budget.
Can anyone suggest where we could to find suitable rental properties in Cork/Kerry?
Many thanks

I've had more luck seeing properties I like (and more in my budget) on than on Daft or MyHome.  Give that a go!

Daft and are the big websites for property searches and if you find that expensive not sure where else you can go, Rental is over the roof expensive at the moment. I think its cheaper out west, i hope but what are you looking to spend on a decent accommodation? IF you want to live in a comfortable home in the sticks, I reckon that would not be a problem out in county clare etc. YOu might not like to be too remote from everything and everybody, that would include essential services.

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