New to Mauritius

I have just moved to Mauritius and i am from South Africa and looking to meet new people especial ladies that do not work.
My partner works during the day and i am alone with my 18 year daughter, so a little lady time is in need
I live in Cap Malheureux


My name is Alice.

I would like share with you but i'm not in the northern region,
i'm in the southern region. 



Hi :)
I run a meet up group  ( search expat meet-up Mauritius on facebook) we have a weekly coffee meet up  ( on a Tuesday in the north)  as well as other regular and occasional  meet ups, we're always happy for new faces :)

Hi Ester,

That's wonderful, I have sent a request on Facebook..
looking forward to meeting some new people

Kind regards

Our next meet up  is tomorrow, hope you can make it :)

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