Indian National -PCC & Degree attestation from Vietnam

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I am Indian national and came Vietnam in month of Feb for Job on business Visa .  Before coming to Vietnam I was working in an other country for last one year . As my probation period is over and My current company in Vietnam is asking me get New Police Clearance certificate previous one is already expired . I asked my family in India to apply for PCC. However it was rejected twice due to strange reasons of not matching my face .  Now I would like to get PCC from Vietnam itself from Indian consulate office Ho Chi me .Please guide me how I can get this . Also Need to get my degree certificate attested .

All the information you may need is here.

Make an appointment to visit the consulate at 55 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, phường 6, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh and talk to the officer in charge. They will guide you.

Thank you Senwl . I indeed saw website & info. I will try to take appointment . Actually i stay far from HCM (7hrs ) so before I go I wanted to gain more info so that I can just go and apply .
Thanks for your reply.

Assuming all your certificates are from Indian academic institutions, it's mandatory that they are already verified and authenticated by MEA in India.  If not, the consulate won't attest those docs.
- There's a photocopy and computer-print shop near the consulate, just across the street ... in case you need additional copies on the spot.
- Bring a formal PCC request letter from your employer.
- Bring all the originals.
- Bring enough USD to cover the fees.  Changing VND to USD around that place can be a hassle.
Good luck!

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