Pre-school setting job

I am planning to move to netherlands this year and was hoping to find a job in a pre-school or day care setting. I majored in BS Psychology and has a 7-8 year experience as a pre-school teacher. Do you guys have any idea of what requirements are needed to be able to apply as a teacher assistant in an international school in amsterdam? Or any day care center as well? Thank you:)

As you wish to work in an international school in Amsterdam. I suggest to contact them with your inquiries.

As for looking a job in general, you need the Dutch language.

Having a major doesn't say anything about your qualifications. Years in experiences does.
Best is to check out if the Dutch government will recognise your diploma's or certifications.

Good luck.

Thank you for giving me the much needed advice. Will go inquire directly in BSA or AIS then:)

You're welcome 😊

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