family residency permit

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We are living in Doha for a month now. My husband already got the Qatar ID. Our son and I are eligible to stay up to 90 days as tourist (Turkish citizen) It`s known that my husband has to give 6 months bank account details in order to apply for our residencies. Is there a way to make it quicker? I am registering the kid in a kindergarten and he has to have an ID until the start of the school term. I also heard company could take care of this without waiting for 6 months but i couldn't confirm this info. I don`t want him to wait until January for school. Your comments will be appreciated. Thank

who said that ?
u need a salary certificate and university degree and NOC letter from your husband company, if his company is strong u have no problem


As I understand from your comments that, we can get Family visa for our dependents with respective documents which you refer. Is my understanding correct?


Are you private or gov sector ?

Private Sector

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