Medical insurance not provided for family

Hi there

I'm considering an offer to move to Kuwait, however I only have medical insurance for myself.

I have a 3 kids and obviously a wife. Is additional coverage needed and how much would that be? I was told that they would be able to go the public medical centers, but current staying in South Africa, I'm a little bit sceptic.

Appreciate any feedback.

Having a medical insurance provided by state is mandatory for all residents so yes, they will be able to use it. The cost per year is in range of 50 KWD for your wife and around half of that amount for children, so  for you it would be around 250 KWD per year (around 800 US$). There are rumors though that they may be raising this amount considerably.

Public hospitals are not bad in my opinion. It is all about the physician, and not the place anyway. :)

Thank you Ribosom, appreciate your feedback. So if I'm covered, I only need to add my wife and 3 kids, thus around 125 KWD per year for all of them. All kids are under 12.

No, 250 for all of them (100+50+50+50).

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