Teaching in Cap Cana

I have been offered a teaching position in Cap Cana and would like to know how are the medical services.  I have diabetes and asthma.  Also how do you handle the hurricanes?  How is it for an older single there socializing?

Welcome to the forum and congrats on the job.

You will find medical coverage adequate for your needs and most meds are over the counter so no problem getting what you need.  If you are insulin dependent I am not sure about the insulin as to if you need a Rx or not.  You will find very good hospitals in the Santo Domingo area which is not too far away for major problems.

Hurricanes are very rare so no one really worries about them.  We all do however take simple precautions such as having extra water, batteries, and full tanks on your cars.

Dating...can't help with that sorry

Bob K

I second the welcome. Yes insulin is available over the counter.   Congrats on the job offer, very cool.   There are now some good clinics in Punta Cana but for major anything  Santo Domingo  is only  2 hours away.

Single and older and socializing -  you are about to enter paradise my friend. Keep your head on straight and you will be fine. There are lots of other expats around for  hanging out and learning the ropes so to speak!

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