buying instead of renting in Costa rica

Hi.  I,m Tenny  I have been back to Tamarindo for 3 yrs now  I,m a resin artist and retired early    I would like to know anyone who has bought property or a house in the Lagarto community,  what is it like now I have a unit in mind to purchase but would like to hear from others.  also what is close to there ex. resturants, gas station, groceries etc.

M-c Lavoie lives there. they are from Quebec. look her up.

Thank you  I will do that u live there ? Recap developments?

No, i live in Montreal. But dealt with recap for my investment. they are great. i had no issues.
only issue is back in 2014 when lots of folks jumped on this project, the exchange was par... that is not the case today. so i think this is a major reason people are now selling or want to opt out since the majority of us have a balance to pay.

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If you are already in Tamarindo, I would suggest you go to Lagarto and look for the things you are interested in having. Bank and gas do not. The closest place would either be Nosara, Santa Cruz or Tamarindo. I live half way in between the two. Go stay there and be sure.

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