What school should I choose for my 6 yo?

My husband and I are moving to Ghent in July.
Just discovered and decided today. First thing I ran to check is the school system for my 6 years old daughter.
But no where I found how to register from far. We are in Lausanne, Switzerland.
If you can let me know the names of the areas that is good to live and send her to school.
I will need to go everyday to KU Leuvrn Campus Sint Lukas.
Thank you for your help, I have been there to Ghent only for a day.

Gent is a huge commute to leuven might take 2 hours each way by car or 1 hour by train.

Choose any local school

I think you mean CAMPUS SINT-LUCAS GENT. Best is to find a school around Rabot so that you can easily bring and pick up your kid near your work. Here's are links of the basisscholen nearby the campus. To enroll your kid, they normally require you to do it in person with an ID card of your child, but just check it out, who knows you could do it by phone or email.


Hi Milay, thank you for your response! Yes the Campus in Ghent. I went to Ghent with my family, staying in that Rabot area, visited a lot of schools, we left her name in the list of most of them and at least one had a place for her. Thank you for your help, the only think possible through email and phone was to make appointments with the leincipals of the schools.

Glad to be of help! Good luck on your move.


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