Naturalisation and citizenship in Oman

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What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Oman? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Oman? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Omani citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


1. Lived in Oman for 20 years. If married to an Omani woman the foreign man has to stay in Oman for 15 year provided that he has a son with the Omani wife and the marriage was solemnized with permission from the Omani ministry
2. DUAL CITIZENSHIP: NOT RECOGNIZED. Exception: Though Dual Citizenship is not recognized, Omani law does not specifically forbid the acquiring of a second citizenship. If the person begins to exercise the rights and privileges of the second citizenship, steps to remove the person's Omani citizenship may be initiated.

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Thank you for the feedback. Would that be 15 years in a row with deductions of any days you might have spent out of the country ?

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Hi Bhavna,

No requirement of continuous stay as long as you hold continuously  resident  visa.

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First, let us get some facts straight.

Omani citizenship is not distributed to all and sundry freely. No one can demand that they be given an Omani citizenship. Nor can any foreigner buy it.

Omani citizenship to a foreigner is only ‘granted’ as a special privilege. Local citizenship to non-Omanis is granted very selectively and on a very exclusive basis only.

A citizenship is offered to a foreigner more to recognize and honour the invaluable contributions he / she would have done for the welfare and betterment of Oman and its citizens, in any form. And those services would obviously have to be unmatched in their scope and scale.

But this is not your question.

Modern Oman is only 46 years old. And in these 46 years, perhaps only a handful of foreigners would have been granted the Omani citizenship. That is how exclusive it is.

Even if a non-Omani were granted Omani citizenship, he / she would always be seen and considered as an ‘expatriate’ only. Locals would never embrace a non-native as one of their own, even though they may be wearing a dishdasha and carry an Omani passport.

And this is also not your question.

Here are some ‘benefits’ :

As a ‘citizen’, a foreigner can buy and sell property in non-ITC (Integrated Tourism Complexes) zones. In other words, any citizen is allowed to buy and sell anywhere across the Sultanate.

Currently a non-Omani can buy and sell property only within a few ITCs like the Al Mouj Muscat, Saraya Bandar Jissah, Muscat Hills Golf & Country Club, in Muscat, and one or two way down south in Salalah.

An Omani passport holder has visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 71 countries and territories, ranking the Omani passport 67th well received passport in the world.

A foreigner by becoming an Omani citizen would be allowed to wear the national dress (which is otherwise disallowed for a foreigner to wear), if it matters.

Oh yes, and one other thing.

By becoming an Omani citizen, a ‘foreigner’ is still forbidden from marrying a ‘local’ !

As far I know it is too difficult to get Omanai Citizenship, I have seen some women spent more than 20 years in Oman being married with an Omani male but still waiting for Citizenship, though they have their children. any way Being Omani Citizen the only facility you will get is to be 100 % Owner of business organization, and you will have easy excess to all ministries and govt. dept. and another thing is you can be Local sponsor and earn money by doing nothing simply blackmailing some expts. worker and employees. Being a business man more then 35 years some expacts. are bound to go back to their country.

apart from the above I really cant see any benefits. where as if you stay in any European country legally more then 10 years you will be able to apply for residence permit.

Rest is your decision


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Thanks, this is very helpful. Just one point of clarification please. Does buying a property as a foreigner in an ITC entitle you to Citizenship - or as I suspect, Permanent Residency?

Hi Bhavna
In short no chance. Because its almost impossible to stay 20yers here with out assurance u wil get or not.
I would suggest try for Europe. Good luck


No, I have never thought about getting citizenship in Oman. I would never try to get citizenship in any gulf country. People who are born here who are of expat parents and has been here for more than 20 yrs still feel as if they are from another country. Besides, if they do documents would show that  you are not pure Omani. Once again one will be discriminated. If they ever gave citizenship, it will only be those who are wealthy enough to buy a home in certain neighborhood.

Simple u have to buy villa in (almoug ) u will get resedent visa forever

Thanks for the very good information.

Hello Mr sumitran. How is food buying , life style and work in Oman please sir..
I want to come their to work. His the country okay ?

Please can I see any Nigeria working in Oman? men or female contact to call and ask he/she how to send money home and some stuff again

Hi Ghammed,

Firstly, please post your query under appropriate topics. If you do not find one on your subject, please feel free to start a new thread of discussion. This would help you get better responses.

To respond to you in brief, the Sultanate of Oman is one the region's best countries. Peaceful, above all else. If you would kindly read through the 'Cost of Living' topic you will get a good idea of the income-expenses comparison.

Hello, can someone help me? Will i be able to get Omani nationality if my father is Omani? My mom is a Filipina but they are not married.

rhiagail :

Hello, can someone help me? Will i be able to get Omani nationality if my father is Omani? My mom is a Filipina but they are not married.

Hi rhiagail,

The answer to your query is, unfortunately, a No.

And you know why.

How you are sure?

rhiagail :

How you are sure?

Hi rhiagail,

In case you didn't know it yet, children of unmarried couples are not considered legal heirs.

Hi Rhiagail,

I am pretty sure that you are eligible for Omani Nationality automatically if your father is Omani and you can prove paternity.

Marriage is not a requirement for Nationalisation of a child. Under current laws in Oman, nationality flows from the father.

If your father has already reported you as his child you will have no issue except giving up any other nationality you have.

Best wishes,

Meem Noon

P.S. There is misinformation in some people's answers. Be careful of what people say without sources. For example it is legal to marry foreigners in Oman but procedures are tough and permission is granted in special cases (such as long stay outside Oman, etc.). But it is important to get permission before getting married with a foreigner as one can be fined for not registering the marriage and not following correct procedures. Almost all Omanis welcome newly nationalised citizens as their brothers and sisters. They are actually given special treatment in many cases. (This is because of the curious, inquisitive, eager to learn, and welcoming nature of Omanis. Nationalised Omanis are not recognised in documents except the nationalisation letter that is given at the time of nationalisation. General government bodies are not able to differ between a normal Omani and Nationalised Omani. Only the Ministry of Interior would be able to identify that. FYI - I am an Omani

Thank you on your positive response. Now, im having a little hope.

Dear Sumitran,

I have got an opportunity in Oman but on Dubai visa. should I accept this offer?
And Can I apply for a family visa because my company isn't providing me a family visa.


nayab.khan001 :

Dear Sumitran,

I have got an opportunity in Oman but on Dubai visa. should I accept this offer?
And Can I apply for a family visa because my company isn't providing me a family visa.


Hi nayab.khan001,

Please start a fresh topic with an apt header, if you want to get some worthwhile responses from the forum users.

Now regarding your post, I don't know what you mean when you say "I have got an opportunity in Oman but on Dubai visa".

If you are ineligible for the family status, then you can bring your family over only on a visit visa which is valid for a maximum period of 4-months.

However, this too must be sponsored by your employer or sponsor only. You cannot do it on your own.

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