Naturalisation and citizenship in Jordan

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Jordan? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Jordan? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Jordanian citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Jordanian nationality is not available exept forbthose of a sun or daughter to a Jordanian father. Even Jordanian mothers dont hive the nationality. There is nobother way to obtain the Jordanian nationality.

I don't know where you get that information but you're totally wrong.

As a non Arabic wife of a Jordanian you can obtain Jordanian nationality after five years of marriage.
For an Arabic wife it is after three years of marriage.
Unfortunately it's not possible yet  for a man who married to a Jordanian wife. Hopefully this will change in the future.

Yes you are right about the wife of a Jordanian. I forgot to mention.

Primadonna- do you know is it after 3/5 years of marriage or 3/5 years of residing in Jordan with your jordanian husband that a wife can become a citizen?

After marriage Kip98.

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